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About Bay Leaf Digital

We started Bay Leaf Digital in 2013 with the goal of taking what we learned in big business and applying those learnings to help grow B2B SaaS companies across all stages of growth.

Our Story


Abhi and Tory start the agency with a goal of funding SaaS application development, Ashley joins shortly after.


We focus on SEO, web analytics, and help out anyone who wants to talk to us.


We create two SaaS products – Amplytics & Story Keeper. Lack of focus & funds stop us. We experiment with home services vertical.


Things are going well. We think we want to focus on contact center tech as our niche, but after some experimentation, we settle on B2B marketing as a whole.


We further refine our offering to focus only on B2B SaaS. This resonates with the marketplace, and we experience 2X YOY revenue growth. We open the India office and bring on-board a development team.


Hello COVID. We lose 80% of our ARR, the existence of the agency is brought into question. We double down on marketing ourselves and start building out our SaaS analytics tool. We know the quality of our work, and we are convinced that the market demand would return.


We bounce back nicely. We double the size of the team, and double revenue from our 2019 high. We decide to focus primarily on HubSpot as our marketing automation tool of choice. We establish the SaaS marketing strategy framework that resonates well with clients.


Our team size is now 2x that from two years ago. Because of the high demand for our services, we narrow our focus on B2B SaaS companies that have a product-market fit. While we prefer HubSpot, we also are expanding our horizons to include Pardot, Marketo etc. We are now focused on driving value for our clients at a larger scale by bringing in robust processes that can be repeated.


Our approach to SaaS marketing crystallized into five named marketing strategies, along with specific brand awareness tactics that accompany each one. We leverage this unique approach to customize a success plan for every client – and it works! Using it, we’ve grown leads 16X YOY, generated thousands of MQLs per month, and handily beat quarterly marketing goals for clients across a wide range of verticals.


While this story remains to be told, we are excited for the future! We believe that our continued focus on quality of work and exceeding client expectations will help us and our clients grow even more!

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Companies we have grown with

Here are just a few examples of companies that we have worked with over the years.

Companies we have grown with

Here are just a few examples of companies that we have worked with over the years.

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