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The Story of the Bay Leaf

As symbols of triumph, wreaths of bay leaves have adorned the heads of athletes, artists, oracles, and warriors since ancient times. We chose the bay leaf to symbolize our agency because our work embodies those same attributes: strength, creativity, wisdom, and tenacity. Like those famous crowns, our name and logo celebrate the goals that we help our clients achieve every day. 

Innovation alone won’t scale your SaaS. Reach the heights of success by teaming up with the strongest, fastest, most strategic B2B SaaS digital marketing agency you can find. That’s Bay Leaf Digital. 

The 4 Pillars of Our Client Commitment

Shaping our B2B SaaS digital marketing agency’s approach to ensure exceptional service and results. 

We partner with you.  

Data-driven and metric-minded, we define campaign objectives, monitor results, and report on our efforts. We’ve always got another idea and a flexible, proactive approach is a priority. We pause, assess, and quickly pivot when necessary. 

We’re here for you.  

Great communication is at the heart of everything we do. You’ll meet with your team on a regular schedule, and we’re always available by email and direct message during work hours. Questions? Concerns? Just reach out.  

We answer to you. 

We believe that marketing is a collaborative effort. You’ll be assigned an Account Strategist and an Account Manager who will start by getting to know you and your company and your priorities. Only then will they strategize and implement marketing motions that meet your goals – on your timeline and within your budget. 

We put our imaginations to work for you 

Every SaaS is unique. Each piece of content we write and every campaign we design reflects a thorough comprehension of your target audience. We’ll help them understand that your product is the solution to their pain.  

Proven Excellence in SaaS Marketing

Consistently recognized as a trusted choice for tech and SaaS companies, Bay Leaf Digital has been honored for its standout performance in SaaS marketing. Like the enduring bay leaf, our strategies are crafted for lasting impact, driving brand awareness and boosting lead generation for our clients.

Global Synergy: The Bay Leaf Digital Way

Like the bay leaf, which transcends borders to add depth and flavor worldwide, Bay Leaf Digital unites diverse talents through our remote, global team.  Our commitment to diversity, integrity, and innovation is the cornerstone of our approach, mirroring the bay leaf’s essential role in kitchens and cultures around the globe.

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Strength in Numbers: Our Results Speak

Our strategies deliver measurable and lasting impact. Here are the quantifiable successes we’ve achieved for our clients. Let us do the same for you.

60% Increase in Leads SaaS Marketing Agency
16x Increase in new Opportunities SaaS Growth Agency
34% Increase in revenue quarter over quarter SaaS Growth Agency
10+ years of Bay Leaf Digital SaaS Marketing Agency
500% Growth in organic traffic
1M+ Words of SaaS Content Marketing

Meet Your SaaS Marketing Champions

Meet Your MarTech Team

Rooted in Success with Proven Client Results

Bay Leaf Digital’s comprehensive full-funnel approach has driven growth and enabled these brands to surpass their goals. Discover how our lasting impact can elevate your brand too.

"For the first month since January of last year, we saw the highest new member net! We’d gone a year and a half with zero growth. With the help of Bay Leaf Digital we are seeing numbers we’re excited about!"

Suzanne Stone Managing Partner
IRS Solutions

"Bay Leaf immediately took control of our LinkedIn and Google Ads, showing impressive lead generation results within a month. The consistent quality of leads was high enough that we expanded our relationship to prioritize website management and SEO efforts. The BLD team is always testing, monitoring, and iterating based on most recent results."

happy SaaS marketing client
Matt Hathaway Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer

"It has been great working with Bay Leaf Digital. They’ve been clear with their process, expectations, and communication from day one and have been a driver of my SaaS company’s growth. Even though all work has been remote, they feel like an extension of our team."

Jason Benchetrit Associate

Balancing Work and Play

It’s fun to work at Bay Leaf Digital. Birthdays are celebrated with cake. Our CFO (Chief Fun Officer) hosts team building activities as part of our bimonthly all-hands meetings. We gather in person each year to share recent learnings across teams, build cohesiveness, lift each other up, and enjoy time together away from the office.  

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Companies we have grown with

Here are just a few examples of companies that we have worked with over the years.

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