SaaS SEO Strategy

Grow Your SaaS business with organic search​

Send Stronger Signals to Search Engines

As you set your goals high for your SaaS company’s future, you are probably looking for affordable and scalable tactics to attract potential users and generate leads. While running paid advertising campaigns seems like the most direct approach for short-term goals, consider adding SEO to your saas content marketing strategy.

Having a solid SEO strategy has a compounding effect over time. Organic search optimization may seem daunting in the short term for a new SaaS company, but if you stick with a growth-focused strategy then you’ll reap the benefits in the long term.

By optimizing your site and acquiring relevant links, you’ll be able to work on a long-term goal of achieving low-cost leads, developing and strong brand presence and reducing lead acquisition costs.

What are the Benefits of B2B SaaS SEO?

Scale the growth of your SaaS exponentially

When your SaaS starts crawling up the keyword rankings, more potential customers will visit your site and convert into paying users.

Reduce your cost per acquisition

Unlike pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, it doesn’t cost anything when someone visits your website from organic search results.

Increase brand awareness

When your SaaS ranks in the top of search engine results, it increases brand awareness and positions your SaaS as an industry leader.

Our Process

Different SEO strategies fit different companies based on where you are in your SaaS journey.

Bay Leaf Digital will assess these concepts and more in order to determine what aspects of SEO is best for you.

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1. Keyword Research

You can’t start doing SEO without a little research – or else, you might wind up optimizing for keywords that were a poor choice to begin with. We will study your targeted-industries and learn what keywords you should be ranking for so your SaaS product gets in front of the right audience, leading to more relevant and qualified leads.

2. Produce SEO-Rich Content

Beyond applying on-site SEO best practices, we’ll publish thought-provoking and relevant articles on other sites that will boost visibility among search engines and amplify your organic traffic.

3. Brand Amplification

Our relationships with reputable third party publishers enable your company to be mentioned in a positive light, establishing authority and valuable links back your content.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website’s visibility on search engines for keywords that relate to your SaaS business. A strong SEO strategy drives more traffic to your website, improves brand awareness for your SaaS, generates leads, and more – without the ongoing costs associated with digital advertising.

Everything in SEO starts with keywords, the words people use to make a query on the Google search engine. If you want to lay the groundwork for SEO, the first and best thing to invest in is professional keyword research. If you target the wrong keywords, all ensuing SEO work will be marginally effective or useless. Learn more about SEO with this easy beginners’ guide.

To move up in rankings, there are number of SEO-related tasks you need to complete. The first of which is technical SEO, the technical elements of your site that site visitors don’t see but may experience. Examples include reviewing page speeds, checking for canonicals, ensuring all the protocols (http vs https) are consistent across the site, the site is mobile friendly (responsive) and more.

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