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How much does it cost to hire an agency?

Choosing the right SaaS growth partner is a big decision.

Like most professional services, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all marketing package. Needs, timing, and strategies vary from SaaS to SaaS and so do the costs.

Let’s discuss your vision for growth, what it will take to reach your goals, and provide a customized a quote.

What type of SaaS are you?

Early Stage SaaS

Seeking Product/Market Fit (Pre-PMF)

SaaS Seeking Rapid Growth

Series A or Product/Market Fit is proven (PMF)

Transitioning Into SaaS

Established on-premise software companies seeking to offer cloud-based solutions

Early Stage SaaS

Seeking Product-Market Fit (Pre-PMF)

You are a SaaS with promise! You have a great product combined with a gut instinct on who your target market is. You are ready to sign up the first batch of paying subscribers that will prove your business model.

What You Need at This Stage​

Build a Brand Customers Trust

Take your newest customers and turn them brand evangelists. Showcase your ratings, reviews, and case studies to reveal to the world you know what you’re talking about. Stand out as a leader on popular SaaS comparison sites such as Capterra, G2, and Software Advice.

Experiment with Different Growth Strategies

Rather than put all your marketing efforts in one basket, try different channels, and optimize your offer & message to see what resonates with your target personas the best. Find the sweet spot and rinse and repeat.

Grow Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Know (by channel) what it costs to acquire Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), and opportunities. Knowing what it will cost to acquire a lead (CPL) and the cost of a customer acquisition (CAC) so you can know what levers to pull to continually show a positive ROAS, filling the pipeline with quality leads that make account execs smile.

Build a Brand They Can't Stop Talking About

Create serious buzz by knowing where your target audience spends most of their time catching the latest trends and innovations impacting them. Be the thought leader and guide them with insight that makes them thirst for more, positioning your brand front and center - focusing on benefits and value rather than features.

What Kind of Marketing Efforts are Needed?

Create on-site and off-site content (e.g. blog posts, ebooks, case studies, videos)
Optimize website to improve conversion rate

Actively participate on B2B social media channels with goal to create credibility

Test audiences using slices of personas and verticals

Test a variety of online channels combining LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Ads, Email, Capterra, etc.

Test top of funnel, middle of funnel, bottom of funnel content and CTAs to know what content is resonating the best

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SaaS Seeking Rapid Growth

Have Secured Series A or B Investment or Product Market Fit (PMF) is proven

Congrats! You have figured out your SaaS offering, and it is generating revenue! Now you need to grow quickly, scale, and grab market share in a financially responsible manner.

What You Need at This Stage​

Find Which B2B Channels & Offers Bring the Best Leads

Test various campaigns spanning channels (e.g. Google Ads, LinkedIn, Capterra, etc.) and know with confidence where the quality (and tire kickers) come from. Experiment with different messaging, lead magnets, and offers to know what's resonating the best.

Test Other Channels That Your Competition Doesn't Know About

Explore new channels to maximize reach while keeping acquisition costs in check. Prevent bidding wars and grab more market share quickly as you push your brand on channels that your competitor hasn't discovered yet.

Reduce Acquisition Costs

Know your numbers inside and out. Deploy accurate marketing analytics with proper attribution so you know down to the penny what leads cost per channel and watch margins grow as you shrink acquisition costs.

Optimize the Conversion Funnel

Make your site as sticky as possible, as you carefully guide the visitor to the solution that is right for them. Build a smooth on-site experience, leverage intelligent chat and launch best of breed landing pages sure to increase conversion rates.

Amplify Your Brand

Take advantage of top industry publications and associations that your audience trusts. Cut through the noise while showing tremendous value that creates buzz about your SaaS and stay on top of mind for your target audience.

What Kind of Marketing Efforts are Needed?

Create on-site and off-site content (e.g. blog posts, ebooks, case studies, videos)​
Create compelling landing pages and campaigns to drive demand

Build a multi-touch channel strategy that shrinks cost-per-lead (CPL) and increase conversion

Focus on driving more organic (SEO) traffic to strengthen awareness and reduce reliance on paid media

Streamline marketing and sales processes so all teams are working in unison on the same end goals

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Transitioning into SaaS

Established software companies seeking to expand into a cloud-based solution

Your management is keenly aware that SaaS is not just the future, it’s here to stay. You want to capitalize on your existing strengths to grow a new offering and leverage the popular SaaS subscription model to scale quickly.

What You Need at This Stage​

Create a Marketing Strategy

Ideate on how to take your product and vertical market successes and leverage them for an expanded SaaS play.

Execute Marketing Strategy

Identify, validate, and build out of channels, campaigns, and messages that will attract your audience.

Establish the Baseline Metrics

Find the cost of leads in every step of your acquisition funnel - so you will know with full confidence exactly what it will take to scale up.

Think Like a SaaS Startup (But With a Strong Track Record)

Leveraging the power of your on-premise brand, launch the best website, chat, CTAs, and process improvements that have been proven to work for SaaS marketing and sales teams.

Re-position Your Brand to Be SaaS-Focused

Refresh your on-premise content to now focus on the SaaS side of things. Amplify your brand by leveraging PR, case studies and product evangelists to show value quickly and create buzz that you are now a modern SaaS company.

The Marketing Effort Involved

Optimized website & social media assets to prepare for the transition of on-premise to SaaS
Implement new marketing processes and integrate with existing sales processes to support SaaS

Create customer success campaigns to reduce SaaS customer churn

Expand or experiment and build out presence across paid and organic channels

Create cost per lead (CPL) and other SaaS metric baselines for your new SaaS line

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Focus on Growth

Get the guidance and expertise that will help you reach your MRR and ARR goals.

Typical Sequence of Events

1. Discuss vision for growth and goals

marketing vs in house graphic
SaaS Product Roadmap

2. Build marketing tests

3. Build brand credibility

4. Run marketing tests

5. Learn and optimize

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Pricing FAQs

A 6 month engagement that offers rapid testing of concepts to find the combination of market segment, solution, and business model that will be your growth engine.
Building a robust inbound approach takes time. You will need to put in the effort to progressively improve your content and organize your team towards long term, incremental growth. We will work with you to set measurable goals and celebrate milestones along the way. We track the KPIs like cost-per-lead (CPL – and break it down from “Marketing Qualified” and “Sales Qualified” leads, e.g. MQLs & SQLs), which channels and content are yielding the best visitors to your website, and we get focused on optimizing conversion as much as possible. We’ll constantly share the results with you so that you are always aware of the progress and offer our recommendations along the way.
We work with any client that operates in our relative time zone (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US and Canada)