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High performing SaaS marketing require reliable B2B SaaS analytics
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Reach Your B2B SaaS Goals Through the Power of Analytics

SaaS marketing analytics are essential to optimize your marketing campaign performance and budget in order to determine what needs to be done to further improve the outcome.

What are the benefits of SaaS Marketing Analytics?

Increase Web Traffic That Matters

Confidently know that the traffic you generate from ad campaigns is relevant traffic. Use web analytics (with proper attribution) to know whether you're targeting the right audience with the right message.

Lower Your Cost per Lead (CPL)

Don't fall into the trap of "putting all your eggs in one marketing channel". Test, iterate, and compare a variety of channels and monitor your CPL to know which channel is driving the most qualified leads, and at what costs.

Create Higher-Converting Landing Pages

Build landing pages that convert by keeping the audience, channel, campaign, and technology used in mind. Monitor key metrics and behavior as you analyze how traffic interacts to uncover insights that will yield a stronger take-rate.

Spend Your Marketing Budget Wisely

Strengthen your grasp on the right marketing metrics – such as cost per lead (CPL), by channel, cost of customer acquisition (CAC). Make confident budgeting decisions that will provide the best results, and know what kind of return you're getting on your ad spend (ROAS).

Accelerate Velocity of Leads Turning Into Opportunities

Identify trends, customer segments, content and channels that are performing well - compare these insights to historical performance and predict the rate at which prospects move further down the lead funnel.

SaaS Marketing Analytics Done For You

B2B SaaS marketing analytics requires accurate measurements – measuring traffic, the transition of this traffic to various states including visitors, leads, and qualified leads, and the cost of driving this traffic.

Bay Leaf Digital’s team of marketing analytics professionals help you determine the most effective metrics to assess your marketing campaign performance. We’ll help you analyze all marketing related data and provide actionable recommendations to accomplish your growth goals.

SaaS Marketing Analytics FAQs

SaaS marketing analytics is the practice of measuring all SaaS marketing efforts with the goal of creating a feedback loop to inform marketing teams of the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of their efforts.

The scope of SaaS marketing analytics includes measuring traffic and the transition of this traffic in various states including visitors, leads, and qualified leads. In some instances, marketing analytics also includes measurement of churned, re-acquired, and up-sold customers.

Depending on the marketing/analytics platform, there are a LOT of metrics available for marketers to measure their marketing efforts. However, there are a select few that your marketing team or your SaaS marketing agency should use to essentially measure performance from the micro level to the macro level: Traffic, Conversion, Quality, and Cost.

All the metrics defined above will need context and baseline data to make comparisons.

For each of these sets of metrics, there are five slices to use to determine performance:

  • Marketing channel
  • Visitor type
  • Marketing campaign
  • Time period
  • Landing page type

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