SaaS Marketing Analytics

Great SaaS Marketing Needs Great B2B SaaS Analytics

Reach Your B2B SaaS Goals Through the Power of Analytics

Marketing analytics are essential to optimize your marketing campaign performance and budget in order to determine what needs to be done to further improve the outcome.

What does it mean when a SaaS marketing agency says they will spend some of their bandwidth on marketing analytics?

In the most basic terms, it means they will analyze the performance of the marketing effort. This can lead to a variety of things such as, but not limited to:

  1. Increasing relevance of traffic
  2. Lower cost per lead
  3. Better conversion of key landing pages
  4. More efficient spend of your marketing budget
  5. Better velocity of the conversion from visitor to lead to MQL to SQL

What are the benefits of SaaS Marketing Analytics?

Increasing Relevance of Traffic

When we create ad campaigns, we need to understand how this traffic is behaving. The question of whether we are targeting the right audience with the right message can be answered through analytic metrics.

Lower Cost per Lead

As a SaaS marketing agency, we aren’t tied to a particular channel to drive leads. So comparing the cost per lead to determine what channel is the most cost-efficient becomes key.

Better Conversion of Key Landing Pages

Landing pages need to be built with the audience, channel, campaign, and technology used in mind. Making a landing page a strong converting page requires analysis to find insights that can drive good change.

More Efficient Spend of Your Marketing Budget

Analytics give us a strong grasp on metrics – such as cost per lead (CPL) and cost of customer acquisition (CAC) – which allows us to make budgeting decisions that provide the highest ROI.

Better Velocity of Conversion to SQL

By looking at the data from various segments, we can identify independent variables that can predict the rate at which a prospect moves through the lead funnel.

Our Process

The scope of B2B SaaS analytics includes measuring traffic, the transition of this traffic to various states including visitors, leads, and qualified leads, and the cost of driving this traffic.

Bay Leaf Digital determines the most effective key metrics to assess your marketing campaign performance, analyze data, and provide actionable and insightful recommendations to accomplish your goals.

marketing team

If your website isn’t already connected to Google Analytics, we’ll set that up for you – plus we’ll add filters and conversion goals to make it easier to see what you’re looking for!

Our in-depth tracking with Google Tag Manager allows us to trigger events based on user behavior and demographics so we can personalize user experience. Hello increased conversion rates!

Our Google Analytics certified analysts can turn your data into actionable insights that lead to growth so you can optimize your marketing spend and generate more qualified leads.

Which marketing metrics are the most important to track?

Depending on which analytics platform you’re using and the scope of your campaign, there are a ton of metrics available to measure your marketing efforts.

There are 4 main critical metrics you want to look at to analyze your campaign performance from the micro level to the macro level: traffic, conversion, quality, and cost.

“Bay Leaf Digital has enabled us to look at our site's performance through a highly analytical lens. Consequently, we were able to leverage advanced concepts such as LTV and RFM to improve marketing performance.”
Drew Hendrix
President, Red River Paper

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