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Boost awareness and qualified leads by inserting your brand across B2B social networks

Gain more exposure across B2B social channels & grow leads like wildfire

Do you find it challenging to consistently engage and be social on LinkedIn, Facebook and Quora?

More connections are being made right now on social media than ever before. For most B2B SaaS companies, social media platforms are perfect for raising brand awareness and connecting with potential prospects. While most sales don’t happen over social media, it can prove to be quite an effective marketing channel to get your name out there – especially if you’re targeting a specific niche audience.

What are the Benefits of SaaS Social Media Marketing?

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Expand Your Reach

Through both organic and paid strategies, a SaaS marketing agency will be able to get your company’s product in front of targeted audiences. Social is an excellent place to expand your reach at a low cost. You are able to speak to them directly and reach them in a place they are comfortable- their social newsfeed.

Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a primary step in your sales funnel and social channels are an avenue in which to target and attract your audience and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. You can drive traffic into your website, position yourself as an expert resource in your industry, and show that you understand the pain points that your potential customers experience.

Shape Brand Personality and Reputation

Your social channels are the prime location in which to establish your subject matter expertise, showcase your authenticity and transparency; and giving your brand a human voice and personality. They are also ideally suited to manage your reputation through listening and serving as a customer service portal.

Lead Generation

Social media marketing is a cornerstone of both brand awareness and lead generation but it’s important to be clear on your goals and tying your individual efforts and campaigns back to the overall strategy. For lead generation, ensure that you have optimized your social profiles with complete information, call to actions and links to your website. This article describes in detail the tactics involved for successful lead generation through social media marketing.

Our Process

We’ll help push your brand in front of SaaS shoppers and decision makers so it’s a part of the conversation.

We help SaaS companies spread awareness by targeting the right audience, creating thoughtful and engaging content that attract the right buyer.

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1. Understand What is Working

We build a comprehensive social media strategy for SaaS companies. We analyze competitor and industry influencers to determine trending topics. Dive deep into social communities, groups and hashtags to understand how your audience is coming together in the digital space.

2. Prepare to Engage

Optimize profiles and pages to ensure your brand is putting its best foot forward and using each channel to maximum benefit.

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3. Get Noticed

Develop and promote content that establish you as an authority and address needs at all stages of the funnel.

4. Make it Better

Analyze key metrics to understand what’s working and make adjustments.

SaaS Social Media Marketing FAQs

Whether you are an emerging or established SaaS, social media marketing is an important part of your overall marketing strategy and it should complement and support your larger objectives and tactics.
Measuring success of social media marketing depends on your goals. If your goal is lead generation, the KPIs you’ll want to look at are lead conversion rate, non-revenue conversions, and email signups. For brand awareness, you’ll want to pay attention to the increase of followers along with your reach, engagement, and click thru rates.

Marketing SaaS on LinkedIn is a four-step process: Identifying your audiences, making them aware of the pain point, making them aware of your SaaS and how it solves the problem, and giving them compelling reasons to try your SaaS. Advertising on LinkedIn an effective way to market your SaaS, especially for B2B. LinkedIn’s audience targeting is top notch compared to other channels because it has the most accurate employment data for its users.

If you’re just getting started, watch this free webinar and learn how to get the most out of your LinkedIn campaign as well as some common mistakes to avoid.

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