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Updated for 2024

According to SEM Rush State of Content Marketing 2022 Global Report:

  • 78% of those who believe their content marketing was very successful in 2021 had a documented content marketing strategy.
  • 40% of B2B Marketers have a documented and strategic content marketing plan, a survey from Statista showed. Among those 40% are the ones who’re making the most ROI, and customer loyalty.

If you’re here, you probably want to know what’s the Best B2B SaaS Content Marketing advice I can give you. Well, there’s no reason for the suspense.

It’s Research. Research is what makes or breaks the Content Marketing Strategy.

Imagine this- You’ve got a great SaaS product that you know can bring a terrific change in people’s life. You develop the product, but no one really buys it. Why?

Because you’re targeting the wrong set of people, or your target customers don’t see the benefit in your product. What happens next, is you end up spending a lot of money creating content, marketing it, and Ads without any results.

In this blog, I’ll discuss all things B2B SaaS Content Marketing in 2024: why having a strategy in place is important, the best Content Marketing advice, and 5 pro tips to nail that strategy down in place. If you’re ready, let’s go!


B2B SaaS Content Marketing is More Important Than Ever

In 2020, Content was the KING. In 2022, content was the KINGDOM. But in 2024, Content is the kingdom + COUNTRY.

Appetites for B2B SaaS content have never been greater. This demand is directly connected with the needs of the Buyer Committee and how much information it requires to be satisfied.

Research from FocusVision states that as many as 13 pieces of content are required before a purchase decision is made. (That’s 13 pieces of content before a prospect wants to be engaged by Sales.) And, the more your audience consumes, the more likely they are to be closing in on a purchase decision.

In order to dominate across the lands and to build your own brand, you first need to understand what Content Marketing is.


What does Content Marketing mean for B2B SaaS?

For B2B SaaS brands, Content Marketing is a sure-fire way to get your content out in the eyes of your target market, by creating content that informs your audience about a certain issue they might be facing, and solving it while showing your product/service as the solution.

It’s the best way to gain organic traffic, build customer loyalty and increase sales massively by retaining customers.


How does having a B2B SaaS Content Marketing Strategy can help you skyrocket your SaaS product?

Having a flexible, and growth-oriented Content Marketing Strategy will help you track growth, manage KPIs, and create better content.

Let’s say- You’re a SaaS start-up. Your main motive should be to get more visibility. Because no one knows you. Yet.

So, your B2B Saas Content Marketing Plan consists of creating shareable, informative, and engaging content that attracts visitors to your blog. This will help you build credibility and authority.

So, the metrics to measure brand awareness will be through website traffic, email subscribers, and the number of leads generated.

When you know the metrics to your Content Marketing campaigns, you can easily analyze, and evaluate your strategies and change what’s not working and do more of what’s working. And that can only be possible with the help of Research.


The Best B2B SaaS Content Marketing Advice

The Best Content Marketing advice that I can give you is to have a solid research strategy in order. Research is an overused word in the business world, but one that can help you find the gold if done correctly.


What is B2B SaaS Market Research?

Market Research in any industry implies knowing your target audience, their pain points, their demographics, dream outcomes, and profession.

When you have your Market Research ready, you’ll be able to target a market that sees the benefit and need of your application in their life.

To conduct market research for your B2B SaaS application, you need to keep in mind industry trends, reports, changes, and competitor analysis. Now let’s see how you can conduct market research in 5 simple steps.


5 Steps to help you find the gold in your Research

1. Understand the main motive behind conducting your market research:

Your Problem Statement is the first thing that you should declare to your stakeholders, sales team, etc. This is the first step, identifying what problems your SaaS application is solving from the business perspective.

Having a problem statement will help you carry out the market research more seamlessly and efficiently. Define, and describe the problems you’re solving in a very detailed manner. The more detailed your problem is, the more detailed the solution will look to your target audience.

2. Planning how to carry out the Market Survey:

After you’ve your problem statement in place, the next step is to determine how and where you’ll carry out the market research process. Will it be a Google form sent to your email subscribers, or an Instagram Story asking for your target audiences’ preference?

These 3 questions will help you decide, where and how should you conduct the Market Research-

  • Where is your target audience hanging out?
  • When will you conduct your research?
  • What are the questions that need to be asked?
  • What will be the design of the market research? Will it be an online survey, a quiz, or a Google form?
  • What are the different ways you can collect data from?


These questions will help you determine the how, and what of your market research. Based on this, you can determine your Market Research budget. This type of market research is completed from Secondary Sources.

3. Taking Notes from Primary Research:

Market Research can also be conducted from primary sources like the shareholders, marketing and sales unit, etc. Any group of people in your firm who are aware of your application can also give you an overview of the market.

You can also ask for data from Industry Experts in your market, and get to know their point of view. This will also give you a perspective on your competitor.

4. Collecting, Analyzing, and Evaluating the data:

Once you’re done collecting all the data from your primary and secondary sources. It’s time to review them. You can analyze the data reports by seeing what problems your SaaS application is solving, and in what cases it’s lacking. You can use the quantitative methods of analysis, to get insights into all the text analytics received from your customers. You can check statistical numbers with the help of cross-tabulated data tables and charts.

After you’ve analyzed your data in an organized manner, you can evaluate them to check your lacking and inconsistencies and improve upon the same. Doing this will ensure that your application is 1 of its kind in the market, and solves all the problems of your target client.

5. Creating strategies based on that report:

The hectic part is done now. Now all you have to do is create a Content Marketing Strategy based on the data you just collected. There are some things you must keep in mind while crafting a Marketing Plan for your B2B SaaS applications is-

  • Your ROI
  • A flexible, and value-centered content plan
  • Your customer’s desires, pain points, and outcomes
  • Your buyer journey and their awareness level
  • An eye on the changing marketing trends and statistics


Marketing messages should account for both your organization’s values and offerings and your audiences’ challenges and pain points. It should focus on that cross section where your company’s subject matter expertise meets your customers informational expectations.
It should be filtered to meet the needs of all:

  • Your Brand – supportive of your key messages and business objectives
  • Robots – it is findable on search engines
  • Prospects – fulfills your audience’s needs


Last 2 Cents on B2B SaaS Content Marketing

My last 2 cents is: Do not forget about Market Research once it’s done. Remember that the market is constantly changing, evolving, and in order to stay in the loop, you’ll have to conduct market research once in a while.

If you’d like to read more about content marketing for SaaS, check out our guide:  Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing for SaaS.

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