Enhance Efficiency with SaaS Marketing Automation Expertise

Convert more leads into customers through automation.

Maximize your SaaS ROI through Strategic Automation

SaaS marketing automation and SaaS lead nurturing allow you to identify and track what stage your prospects are in. 

The result? Better marketing messages, better quality leads, and happier sales reps.

What are the Benefits of SaaS Marketing Automation?

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Save time with automation

Modern marketing automation and CRM tools (e.g. HubSpot, Salesforce) can route the lead to the rep based on the implied industry (rather than the traditional way of routing by territory).

Optimize and segment targeted messages

When inbound leads arrive in your CRM, ensure it captures the right intel that can be used for segmenting. Through proper segmentation, send them hyper-relevant messages that are always on-point.

Turn more SQL leads into strong opportunities

Marketing automation helps you identify leads that are the best fit. Focus efforts on deals that are more likely to close.
You will earn the prospect's trust leading to a more educated prospect, giving your account exec a better chance of creating a bond with the prospect and closing the deal.

SaaS Marketing Automation Explained...

Different marketing automation strategies fit different companies based on where you are in your SaaS journey.

Bay Leaf Digital will assess these concepts and more in order to determine what aspects of marketing automation to prioritize.

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Segment Audience

1. Segment Audience

Segment your audience(s) and build effective drip campaigns that deliver the most relevant message (by industry, product interest, job role, etc.). 

Segmentation helps you stand out by tailoring the message that will resonate the most rather than sound generic. 

2. Create Drip Campaigns

Design professional, mobile-friendly emails, and trigger them at the right time so you can sit back and watch open and click-thru rates skyrocket.

We help you nurture your leads from awareness, to consideration stages, continue to stay top of mind, and help guide prospects to make their purchasing decision sooner than later.

3. Optimize Nurture Campaigns

Look at what the data is telling you (i.e. review which subject lines, audiences, messaging show highest open rates and CTRs). Find the “sweet spots” as you optimize nurture campaigns that lead to stronger conversion across every stage of the customer journey.

SaaS Marketing Automation FAQs

A lead nurturing email campaign (sometimes referred to a “drip campaign”) is an automated, personalized email (sent in bulk) that provide insight to potential prospects on a “buyer’s journey”. Different from promotional emails, these educational emails can impact their purchasing decisions in a positive manner.

Best practices of SaaS lead nurturing emails include targeted (segmented), customized, and focus on articulating the benefits (how they solve pain) rather than features.

Also referred to as a “lead nurturing campaign”.

The term “drip” is used as multiple emails are sent in bulk via a cadence, or  “dripped out over time” rather than being sent manually one-by-one.

Marketing automation solutions are essential for any SaaS that wants to accelerate growth.

Read about the most essential marketing automation tools to build the optimal B2B SaaS MarTech stack.

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