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SaaS marketing automation and SaaS lead nurturing allow us to identify and track what stage your prospects are in so we can qualify and market to them effectively.

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What does it mean when a SaaS marketing agency says they offer “SaaS Lead Nurturing” or “SaaS Marketing Automation” services?

A lead nurturing email campaign is an automated, personalized, email that marketers use to take would-be customers on a “buyer’s journey” that could impact their purchasing decisionsBest practices of SaaS lead nurturing emails include targeted (segmented), customized, and contain valuable insight. 

When multiple emails are scheduled to be sent over a period of time, spread out in a cadence fashion (often called a “drip campaign”, we refer to that automated process as SaaS marketing automation as marketers do not manually send out emails one at a time.

What are the Benefits of SaaS Marketing Automation?

1. Save time with automation

Modern marketing automation and CRM tools (e.g. HubSpot, Salesforce) can route the lead to the rep based on the implied industry (rather than the traditional way of routing by territory).

2. Ability to optimize and segment targeted messages

When inbound leads start landing in your CRM, make sure it identifies and records any necessary information to be used for segmenting. By recognizing what segment each lead belongs to, you can send them relevant messages which will have a higher likelihood of establishing rapport with the prospect.

3. Convert more SQL leads

By using marketing automation tools to identify the leads that are the best fit, you’ll be able to spend more time nurturing deals that are more likely to close. 

Our Process

Bay Leaf Digital will segment your audience(s) and build effective drip campaigns that deliver the most relevant message (by industry, product interest, etc.)

We’ll design professional, mobile-friendly emails, and trigger them at the right time so you can sit back and watch open and click-thru rates skyrocket as we nurture your leads from awareness, to consideration and into paying customers.

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“Bay Leaf’s lead nurturing has increased our efficiency, created more leads, and reduced our overall advertising expenses. I recommend them to anyone wishing to make their business better.”
Mike Hajduk
CEO, Callahan Roach Business Solutions

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