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Meghann Hawes

Senior Marketing Strategist

Meghann Hawes holds an MA in International Relations from Boston University. Before taking a position at Bay Leaf Digital in 2021, she worked at government agencies, large corporations, and small businesses, and in industries as varied as technology, land management, environment, tourism, and hospitality. Meghann brings everything that she learned about sales, marketing and management of people to projects to her current work. A native of Connecticut, She has made her home in Puerto Rico for 18 years where she spends her spare time teaching people to bring all their senses to their time outdoors in nature as a Certified Forest Bathing Guide.

Marketing specializations:

Marketing Strategy | Visual Design | Website Optimizations

What I do for fun:
  • Play the Ukulele 
  • Treasure Hunting on the Beach
  • Monthly Dinner Party Club
You have 5 minutes to prepare a TED talk. What's it called?

Price and Market Your Art: How to Turn Your Passion into a Side Hustle


Measurable Success

Growth in high quality MQLs generated from LinkedIn
0 x
Reduced cost per lead in LinkedIn
0 %
Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) above target from Q2 to Q3
0 x

Improved clicks to website by 30% and impressions by 40% for sales intelligence client over 6 months.

Consistently exceeded lead generation goals for automotive client two quarters in a row: MQLs hit 2 x above target.

Developed over 13 new web pages targeting highly relevant long tail keywords.

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