Meghann Hawes

Senior Marketing Strategist | LinkedIn Expert

“Strategizing, learning new things, and making plans are my jam. Connecticut-born transplant to Puerto Rico. On weekends, you’ll find me at the beach or in the rainforest with the dogs.”

Explain like I'm five... what do you do?

"Tough… there’s so much to marketing. I probably would keep it simple and just say I work on a computer!"​

What's your favorite part about working at Bay Leaf Digital?

"Every day is different and there is always something new to learn as digital marketing evolves. It’s super interesting to dive deeper into a new industry vertical and get into the nuances of the product and target market of our clients."



0 x
Growth in high quality MQL’s generated from LinkedIn
0 %
Reduced cost per lead in LinkedIn
0 x
Grew Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) above target from Q2 to Q3

Improved clicks to website by 30% and impressions by 40% for sales intelligence client over 6 months

Consistently exceeded lead generation goals for automotive client two quarters in a row: MQLs hit 2 x above target

Developed over 13 new web pages targeting highly relevant long tail keywords

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