Kara Wild

Kara Wild

Marketing Account Manager

“'I am a results-driven marketing professional with an energy for learning. I enjoy the challenge of acquiring new skills and applying that knowledge to drive success for my team. On the weekends you will find me in my garden, at the park with my family, or fishing at the lake.”

Explain like I'm five... what do you do?

"You know when you see a commercial or Youtuber talk about a toy or game and it makes you want to buy it? That’s marketing."​

What's your favorite part about working at Bay Leaf Digital?

"I enjoy the diverse perspectives and skills everyone has to offer, which creates an incredible atmosphere for fostering learning and professional growth."



Developed the organic social media strategy for a blockchain startup, building out creative materials and content schedules for all social media platforms.

Developed a promotional and educational brand awareness video strategy for a blockchain startup.

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