Ashley Monismith

Ashley Monismith

Senior Marketing Strategist

"Digital marketing strategist. Passionate about sustainability. Talks at length about EVs. Will win at any strategy board game. Loves chow chows."

Explain like I'm five... what do you do?

"I create plans that help companies find people they can sell their products or services to."​

What's your favorite part about working at Bay Leaf Digital?

"Themed team meetings on Zoom. "



0 %
Revenue goal achieved in a single quarter
0 %
LinkedIn campaign lead form completion rate
0 x
MQL growth over a six month period

Turned an underperforming channel into a top driver of qualified leads for one client

Identified the top performing asset for lead gen across all clients

Surpassed lead generation goals by 2x for four months straight for one SaaS client

Helped one SaaS client double their SQLs over a six month period

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