Bay Leaf Digital | Ashley Monismith | Sr. Strategist

Ashley Monismith

Senior Marketing Strategist
Bay Leaf Digital’s first and longest-tenured employee, Ashley Monismith holds a BS in Actuarial Science and a BA Print Journalism from Texas Christian University. She is an experienced digital marketer who helps B2B SaaS companies drive more qualified leads, brand awareness and traffic with omnichannel marketing strategies. Ashley holds the in-house record for traveling to the most states with a canine companion in the passenger seat. She’s visited 20, often hiking hundreds of miles with her Chow Chows, Mufasa and Kit Kat.
Marketing specializations:
Marketing Strategy | Social PPC | Analytics
What I do for fun:
  • Stay in Unusual Accommodations
  • Exotic New Foods
  • Tabletop Gaming
You have 5 minutes to prepare a TED talk. What's it called?

Travels with Mu: How to Plan the Paw-Fect Cross-Country Road Trip with Your Dog


Measurable Success

Increase in leads quarter over quarter
70 %
Increase in opportunities year over year
0 x
Increase in demos quarter over quarter
30 %

Increased leads by 90% quarter over quarter for one urban forestry software provider.

Drove a 16x increase in opportunities year over year for one cybersecurity software provider.

Improved number of demos by 50% quarter over quarter for one restaurant software company.

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