PRESS RELEASE: Remote Worker Insight Leading to Change in Marketing Strategy for Workforce Technology Providers


Bay Leaf Digital Webinar Describes the Relationship Between Worker Perception, Challenges with Marketing Know-How in the Age of the Work-From-Home (WFH) Economy


June 26, 2020, Bedford, Texas, USA – In a recent survey conducted by Bay Leaf Digital, the company identified employees’ and employers’ real-life, remote work experiences in the “new normal” of work from home. Their survey responses shed light on the complexities of the future of work, as well as the disconnects and challenges presented to management.

With these insights, Bay Leaf Digital found these responses valuable to how WFH technology providers need to change how they market themselves.

“During the lockdown, 78% of senior management allocated less than 20% of their budget to transition employees to work from home,” Abhi Jadhav, managing partner at Bay Leaf Digital, said. “Most management didn’t see that employees need more than a laptop and connectivity to be productive.”

Taking these data points, Bay Leaf Digital gathered their marketing expertise for a webinar to discuss the findings, perceptions and challenges in the future of work. Titled “How to Market to Your Prospects That Are Making Work-From-Home Permanent,” the webinar will take place at 2 p.m. CST on Wednesday, July 1.

The webinar is designed to inform solutions providers during this unprecedented time and to help them drive more awareness of these WFH challenges, including:

  • Minimizing the difficulty in communicating and collaborating
  • Mitigating potential burnout due to longer work days
  • Measuring employee and company success


Save your seat today to learn how to advance your marketing strategies for the future of work:


About Bay Leaf Digital:

Bay Leaf Digital is a B2B digital marketing firm that specializes in growing B2B SaaS and technology companies. Its employees are passionate about outsmarting the competition in an effort to gain market share for its clients.

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