Optimizing Your B2B SaaS Content Strategy for More Prospects

b2b saas content strategy

Developing an effective SaaS marketing strategy is critical in today’s competitive SaaS marketplace. To be effective, your strategy needs to reach the largest possible number of people within your target audience. Publishing content is a proven marketing tactic that can help you reach more prospects than ever before. Amplifying your B2B SaaS content strategy will help to increase your success.


SaaS Marketing Strategy: Why Amplify Your Use of Content

Published content is a powerful part of a SaaS marketing strategy because it allows you to:

  • Increase visibility in your market.
  • Establish your role as an expert and thought leader in your industry.
  • Reach prospects you might not otherwise access.
  • Establish trust in your marketplace.
  • Generate engagement with your target market.


Unlike traditional advertising opportunities, content you write allows you to speak directly to your prospects and customers. You can illustrate your understanding of their pain points and offer solutions to those problems. Your content can be educational rather than focused on selling. It can leave the reader thinking, “I should contact this company to determine whether they can help me solve my problem,” as opposed to skipping over your publication as just another ad.

An effective B2B SaaS content strategy can help you boost your revenue because B2B buyers are very active in using the internet to research companies before they make a buying decision. Recent research shows how critical content on the internet is to B2B companies.

  • B2B buyers conduct 67% of their buyer’s journey digitally.
  • B2B buyers have completed 57% – 70% of their buying research before contacting sales.
  • Online content has a moderate to major effect on purchasing decisions for 90% of B2B buyers.


These statistics indicate that buyers are looking at a variety of online resources before they ever talk to a member of your sales team. If you don’t have the visibility online to attract and educate B2B buyers, you may never get that telephone call.


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How to Amplify Your B2B SaaS Content Strategy

As part of your SaaS marketing strategy, you can publish content on channels that you own. But there are also other platforms that will publish content you own if it provides educational value to the platform’s readers.


Publish on Platforms You Own

Your content can take advantage of platforms your company owns and should be part of your overall SaaS content marketing strategy. Examples include your blog and your social media platforms. You can also publish resources for your target audience on your website. These resources can include eBooks, white papers, guides, and case studies. All the things you publish on platforms you own give you an opportunity to increase engagement with your target audience.

You can use posts on social media to drive traffic to the resources on your website. Your blog and resources give visitors more reasons to extend their stay. The longer visitors stay on your website, the higher the chance they will contact you. In addition, the search engines will notice that your website has the authority to keep visitors interested.


Publish on Third-Party Platforms

You can improve your visibility in the industry by focusing on publications that cater to your target audience. The internet hosts many websites that provide news and information on topics of interest to your target audience. Providing guest posts to these websites is an excellent way to reach more members of your target audience and expand your SaaS content marketing approach.


Identifying Target Third-Party Publications

Start developing your SaaS marketing strategy by creating a detailed description of your target audience. Your research should describe characteristics such as the things that concern your target audience, the challenges they face, the questions they have, and who they consider to be industry experts.

With that information in hand, you can identify the type of online platforms that will be most beneficial for reaching your audience. Look for opportunities to publish guest posts and advertorials.


What is a Guest Post?

Many websites encourage industry experts to write blog posts to give their readers a broader perspective on topics the website covers. The easiest way to find guest posting opportunities is to search on the internet. For example, let’s assume that you know your target audience is interested in news about technology. You can search for:

  • Guest post technology
  • Write for us technology


Guest post and write for us are two of the most common search terms you’ll need to use. The search results will include specific websites that are looking for guest posts. You’ll also typically find lists that an expert has posted containing a roster of technology blogs that accept guest posts.

Make sure to read the rules the hosting blog wants you to follow, and only target websites that are authorities and publish quality content. Don’t send the same blog post to multiple websites because it will dilute your efforts.


What is an Advertorial?

According to the experts at HubSpot, an advertorial is “…the name for an advertisement that’s written or produced in the form of editorial content.” While you do pay for publishing an advertorial, it is still your content, and your company will get credit for creating it. You should approach a host for your advertorial the same way you do when you want to place an ad.


How to Approach a Guest Blog Host

Some hosts will request that you send them a finished product and they will determine if it meets the needs of their readership. Other hosts will ask you to contact them with your ideas for a blog post. In either case, make sure that you review their existing blog to avoid addressing a topic that is recently covered there.

Your outreach message should be tailored to each host you contact. You need to demonstrate that you are an expert on the topic you propose and can describe the benefit their readers will receive from reading your contribution. A personalized approach will show the host that you care about bringing value to their readers and improve your chances of approval.


Identifying a Budget

Your SaaS marketing strategy should include a budget for your overall plan. For this section of your budget, make sure to account for content creation, outreach to guest blog hosts, and sponsored placement fees.


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Creating High Quality Content

High-quality content is at the core of a successful B2B SaaS content strategy. Your goal is to maximize engagement and conversions. Therefore, your content must be informative and relevant. Include insights, actionable tips, and solutions to your readers’ challenges.

It all starts with quality B2B SaaS content market research. High quality content is the result of knowing your target audience, their pain points, their demographics, dream outcomes, and profession and having a pulse on industry trends, reports, changes, and competitor analysis.

When writing blog posts and advertorials, don’t promote your products and services too directly. You can discuss several solutions and position yours as the most beneficial.

If you want to learn more about how you can use content to attract prospects, generate leads, and boost your revenue, the experts at Bay Leaf Digital are ready to be of service. Contact us to explore the possibilities.

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