Stretching Small SaaS Business Marketing Budgets for Early Wins

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This year has seen plenty of SaaS business marketing stars join the firmament. And while the technology runs the gamut from cutting-edge AI to innovative content management, all the hottest SaaS companies have benefited from innovative marketing strategies. Here are seven companies showing us how SaaS business marketing is done.


SeeData: Take the Spotlight at Industry Events


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SeeData helps companies catch security breaches quickly by tracking stolen data long before the intrusion is typically detected on corporate systems. The SaaS started with $640k in pre-seed funding and has recently been named one of 2021’s best UK cybersecurity startups.

SeeData has gained recognition in the SaaS market by presenting at industry events, such as WebSummit and the White Hat Ball. They also post educational articles on LinkedIn and their website. And they’ve courted positive press in industry journals, such as Threat.Technology.


Forian: Partner for Strategic Wins


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Forian offers customized data analytics for the unique business and operational needs of healthcare, cannabis, and government customers, including HIPAA-compliant information management. In just a couple years, they’ve grown the company to $5 million in quarterly revenue and experienced 62% year-over-year growth in 2021.

Forian has leveraged their industry network for powerful marketing. They’ve formed strategic partnerships with companies like Trinity Life Sciences. By combining marketing efforts, both partners reach a broader audience. Forian also plays an active role at industry events, such as MJBizCon.


BrightFin: Fuel SaaS Business Marketing with Content

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BrightFin has developed an expense management system for technology and IT departments. Although their market is fairly crowded, they set themselves apart by combining process and toolset into a single platform and offering expert consulting. Founded in 2013, their revenue for 2020 is estimated at $20 million.

BrightFin has focused their SaaS business marketing on extensive content production. They publish articles, case studies, and white papers on the website. They’ve also placed articles and company references in industry publications. On top of that, they participate in industry conferences and post videos on Vimeo.


Storyblok: Convert Freemium Users With Active Support

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Storyblok offers a headless content management system which helps developers embed content on digital platforms while keeping it accessible to editors with unique visual editing tools. Founded in 2015, the company has amassed over 65k users and raised $11 million in funding.

To compete in a crowded market, Storyblock offers a free trial to attract interested prospects and keeps people engaged with active support communities. They have a user group on Discord along with blogs and white papers on the website. They post on YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn and host their own online events to grow their audience. In addition, like many of their peers, Storyblock participates in industry conferences such as Next.js and Jamstack.


WeLocalize: Highlight Customer Success Stories


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WeLocalize offers a platform for its clients to translate and localize content for new markets, languages, and cultures. The company draws on 650k native speakers around the world to translate content or provide training data for natural language processing. Founded in 1997, they’ve reached an estimated $125 million in sales.

WeLocalize powers their SaaS business marketing strategy with high-profile customer case studies and complements those with relevant content. The company maintains an active presence on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. They participate in industry conferences such as Let’s Go Global on Demand and Loc Worldwide. And they offer a steady stream of educational blogs and webinars on the website.


Xata: Get the Word Out Early


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Xata provides database management for developers of serverless applications. It’s aimed at developers on no-code or low-code platforms who want to access a database via a web browser. The company recently raised $5 million in funding.

Although Xata’s product is not ready for full distribution, the company is getting the word out in the SaaS market. They’ve garnered some attention in industry journals, such as TechCrunch and are getting active on Twitter and LinkedIn. They’re also starting conversations on industry hangouts, such as Hacker News, to build a pre-launch audience.


Dresma: Place Content Where It Shines

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Dresma uses AI to help online sellers perfect photos for their websites and online stores. The technology enhances images using a combination of manual and automatic tools which saves time for sellers who want to get their products posted fast. The company raised $3 million in seed funding in 2021.

Dresma pulls out all the stops for SaaS business marketing, focusing on visual-heavy media such as YouTube and Instagram that showcase their software’s capabilities. Dresma actively posts on its own website as well as LinkedIn and Facebook. And the company attracts additional attention by placing articles in publications targeted at business owners, such as SmallBizDaily.


Find What Works for Your SaaS

If you’re working on a SaaS star for 2022, try out the SaaS business marketing approaches that helped some of these enterprises succeed. With myriad channels for connecting with prospects, building community, and taking your industry by storm, you can’t go wrong.

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