PRESS RELEASE: New Survey Finds Short-Term Success in Work-From-Home Lifestyle But Challenges Ahead


SaaS Marketing Agency Bay Leaf Digital Illuminates Real Remote Work Experiences in North America

June 9, 2020, Bedford, Texas, USA – In May, nearly 800 employees across North America took the time to tell Bay Leaf Digital about their real-life, remote-work experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their survey responses shed light on the complexities of the “new normal” as it was coming into being across the business landscape.

Survey participants came from more than 30 disciplines and were fairly evenly split between individual contributor and managerial roles. Bay Leaf Digital’s survey collected information and comments on perceptions of the success and productivity of working from home, challenges faced, benefits experienced, time spent, and what must be improved in the future.

“Employees of all levels have quickly adapted to the work from home lifestyle and want to continue doing so,” said Abhi Jadhav, managing partner. “However, the short-term benefit of remote work may be sidelined by burnout as a result of working harder and longer to maintain productivity and communication levels.”


  • 84% of respondents felt they are just as productive or nearly as productive at home as they were in the office.
  • Respondents reported a wide variety of advantages to working from home, most of which centered around time and money saved, improved quality of life, and relief from office distractions.
  • 94% of individual contributors (non-management) expressed a desire to continue to work from home at least one day a week.


  • 64% said that working from home has added at least one more hour to their workday.
  • Participants reported having technical as well as several non-technical issues

Survey respondents identified their tangible needs such as more reliable technological devices and network access. Survey analysis uncovered intangible needs such as more efficiently enabling work collaboration and compensating for at-home distractions. Meeting both sets of needs is critically important to the future and long-term success of any remote workforce. In addition, management must update the methods used to define and track employee productivity.

In addition, senior and middle management face specific challenges in managing productivity. To learn more, download your full copy of the survey results.

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