6 Effective Ways of Growing Your Logistics Business Online

The Council of Supply Chain Management’s State of Logistics reports the logistics (3PL) industry makes up for 25% of the total market share of freight transportation. A decade ago the logistics industry only constituted 10% of the market share, which proves 3PL is a huge industry with ongoing growth. With an industry so vast and evolving rapidly, existing Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies face the threat of new entrants every now and then. These new entrants are progressive in their strategic approach, utilize latest technology and resources and provide integrated services to mark their niche in the 3PL world. On the other hand, existing large logistics companies have years of experience in the market and have invented their formula to success. The 3PL industry is highly fragmented and with thousands of participants, the customers today have the power to be selective.

The logistics industry focuses primarily on minimizing transportation costs, improving asset utilization, increasing productivity and improving efficiencies across all logistics operations. With majority of time, resources and efforts invested in improving the processes and services, very little time is spent on actually marketing these services. Online marketing is the most potent and personalized approach to reach your target audience and hit target sales. Online marketing can expand your network, compel them to consider your offer and convert these leads to sales.

There are 6 powerful online marketing strategies that can help grow a 3PL business:

1. Branding:

With so many logistics providers in the market, potential buyers actively use search engines to find companies that provide the best services. Therefore, it is necessary for 3PL providers to build an online presence by creating a clean, attention grabbing and user friendly website. It is the first step in determining how much time a potential customer spends on your page. Branding helps create an image for your business and promote to potential clients and partners.

2. Content Marketing:

Creating high quality content on your website builds credibility, engages visitors and encourages them to return to your site in the future. It is extremely important to create content for your target audience. Content should be relatable, educational and resonate with your brand. The information could be displayed in form of a blog, eBook, downloadable pdf, infographics and/or slideshare. Content marketing for 3PL companies is an incredible technique to attract traffic to your site.

3. Search Engine Optimization(SEO):

Search Engine Optimization is exactly what the name suggests, optimizing your site to be more visible on search engines. The primary function of SEO is to bring high volumes of traffic to your site. A strong SEO strategy, increases your chances of appearing top of the list on search engines when customers use keywords such as logistics services, freight consolidation, trucking companies, warehousing facilities and so on to search products and services you offer. With content development in place, SEO is not a big investment but definitely yields great results.

4. Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO):

Now that you have traffic on your site, what next? The next step is to extract more value out of each visitor. It is time to turn passive browsers into valuable conversions. Conversion rates can be maximized either by creating more conversion opportunities or by improving the existing ones. For example, you may place your call-to-action buttons on products or services page or on your blog which encounters regular traffic. Higher the conversion rater, greater is the ROI.

5. Email Marketing:

Email marketing approach almost costs nothing to execute. It is an efficient way to stay on top-of-mind of your customers. Analyze the consumer behavior and create a content newsletter to cater to specific needs of the customers. This will facilitate better engagement with your brand and ensure repeat traffic.  The email lists generally consist of contacts from existing customer base, social media followers and other outside contacts.

6. Social Media Marketing:

With ever growing technology, in today’s day and age it is of utmost importance to promote your 3PL services on social media. Be it Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or Google+, every company today is leveraging these platforms. Social networking sites are now used to make valuable contacts and build relationships. Your social media following is the biggest resource pool to market your brand and inform customers of latest updates on your site. This will also help increase the site traffic.


They key advantage of all these strategies is, they work very well together. You may pursue individual strategy depending on your goals and scope of the project, but the entire bunch can ensure higher returns, as each one feeds into the other. By following the above strategies your company will see more traffic, repeat customers, and higher conversion rates. Online marketing can help boost your 3PL business substantially.

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