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Updated for 2024

As a B2B SaaS marketer, do you also dislike the word hacker?

Do you also believe that growth is not something that can be “hacked?” Well, the truth is many growth hack tools are just not sustainable because they are typically not such scalable processes. Marketing SaaS tools, on the other hand, are proven to work and provide success.

Thankfully, the “growth hack” trend seems to have dissipated as more and more brands search for tools, tips, and solutions to build more scalable business processes in 2024. But, what does this new wave involve? Here are some currently reigning trends in the B2B Saas marketing landscape –

Hyper-scaling cannot happen in isolation. Moreover, you need the assistance of some vital tools that can turn the tables. What are these tools? Read on to know 12 essential tools B2B SaaS marketers use to hyper scale business in 2024.

Marketing SaaS Tools

1. Baseline

This tool helps to automate content creation, in the process, enhancing brand presence. There are solid brand guidelines laid down to develop eye-catching designs. With “be automatically on-brand” as its mantra, Baseline allows users (even amateurs) to quickly download fonts, logos, etc., to create unique on-brand visuals.

This is a must-have B2B Saas marketing tool to create consistent social media graphics, manage brand guidelines, etc.


2. Filecamp

This tool is a cloud-based digital asset management solution that allows its users to share and manage digital media in the form of images, videos, documents, etc. A unique thing about this tool is that there are no restrictions on the number of users.

Hot House Design, the Australian-based website design firm found Filecamp to be the perfect balance of credibility and accessibility. Since their team has a wide range of people with varying technical skills, Filecamp’s simple and logical interface help them brought everyone on the same page.

If you have multiple users with different skills who need to work on a singular system, then Filecamp is the perfect tool for you.


3. Loom

A significant portion of the population is visual learners. Plus, video marketing turns out to be massive in 2024. Loom is a B2B marketing SaaS tool that makes it easy for viewers to retain information as 95% of it is a video and only 5% text.

The software offers various functionalities such as creating, hosting and sharing tutorials, product demos, sales pitches, etc. You can even promote new product features, launches, and convert stale blog content into engaging videos.

Loom is best to build customer relationships in an affordable manner. Its Salesforce integration is especially useful in viewing your company’s client relationships at-a-glance.

marketing saas tools to improve efficiency


4. Answer the Public

If you’re all about inbound marketing, Answer the Public can be the tool for you. It helps with content marketing ideas. All you need to do is simply type in relevant keywords, and the tool will give you a plethora of content topic ideas that are trending and people might enjoy reading.

For instance – Chameleon, a no-code, self-service platform for SaaS companies to improve feature adoption and onboarding, extensively uses Answer the Public to develop relevant content marketing blogs, videos, infographics, etc.


5. Marketo Engage

It is not possible to talk about the top B2B marketing SaaS tools without including Adobe’s Marketo Engage. This tool helps bring all your demand-generation efforts to a single place.

With an end-to-end solution, all your channels, audiences, data sources, and touchpoints come under one roof during a customer’s journey through the sales funnel. By using AI, the tool creates personalized content, builds audiences, and clones them.

Fung-Lin W of DigitalOcean considers Adobe’s Marketo Engage to be the turner of “data points into conversion campaigns.”


6. ClearBit

The name of ClearBit always comes up when the personalization of marketing interactions with customers is brought up in the B2B SaaS marketing world. It is renowned as the marketing data engine one needs for all customer interactions.

The tool combines data from over 250 private and public sources and puts it through a two-phase verification. Furthermore, it provides insights through which marketers can develop multichannel campaigns to generate quality leads.

Skedify, a leading appointment scheduling Software Company that simplifies appointment scheduling, uses ClearBit to personalize the customer experience right from the top to the bottom of the funnel.


7. Sprout Social

As a B2B SaaS marketer, you’re well aware of the power of social media. But, at the same time, it can be challenging to manage – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Among the many social media platforms out there, Sprout Social is perhaps the most user-friendly and advanced tool.

The software helps brands to understand client sentiments, optimize campaigns, and make the most of a content marketing strategy. Plus, insightful analytics tools and KPIs help you improve your future campaigns.

Cloudera is one company that heavily relies on Sprout Social to keep a finger on the pulse of what people are saying and how they feel about them.


8. Google Tag Manager

Wherever we see the name Google, we know something big is up. Google Tag Manager is a highly advanced tag management system that allows you to update code fragments and measurement codes easily. Not only this, but it also allows you to manage tags on your website or smartphone app.

Moreover, the platform is free to use and improves team agility significantly. If you want to understand your digital marketing efforts on the go or on the fly, like Airbnb, then Google Tag Manager is your go-to B2B SaaS marketing tool.

Airbnb improved its vendor data collection quality by 90% with Google’s Tag Management System.


9. Zapier

If you’ve spent quite a while in the B2B SaaS world, you must be aware of Zapier. Perhaps, you’re already using this tool to automate repetitive or mundane tasks between two or three applications. Without using codes, Zapier will inform another app to undertake a specific action when an event occurs in one app.

Almost all small to large enterprises in the B2B SaaS marketing world use Zapier to be free of all recurring tasks. For instance – Phenomenon, an ideation firm that helps its clients to improve customer experiences and come up with significant innovations, uses Zapier as a devoted developer to obtain development resources.


10. VideoAsk

This tool is relatively new to the B2B SaaS marketing world. Nevertheless, it has gained much popularity among top companies like Fiverr, Wolt, and Duo Lingo. The tool helps brands in generating highly qualified leads through top engagement tactics.

Since both parties need to leave a video reply, VideoAsk is the ultimate solution to driving customer engagement. Plus, the tool will come in handy at every stage of the marketing funnel. The companies mentioned above use it to reach out and interact with new customers, monitor customer retention, as well as manage one-on-one conversations at scale.


11. HotJar

Are you also someone who hates being overwhelmed by numbers? Then, HotJar is one of the B2B marketing SaaS tools for you. This tool is most suitable for visual SaaS marketers who hate burying their heads into tons of spreadsheets.

You will know exactly how visitors are experiencing your website without the overwhelming numbers. For example – HotJar is widely used by RedPoints, a New York-based digital revenue recovery solution provider. The company uses the tool to understand how users interact with their website, which areas need improvement, and how strategies can boost conversion rates.


12. Active Campaign

Active Campaign is your answer if you’re searching for the ideal B2B marketing SaaS tool to level up your email marketing efforts. With numerous email templates, designs, and dynamic content blocks, the tool helps create personalized email campaigns.

Besides email marketing, Active Campaign also helps with lead scoring, customer relationship management and web analytics to make your workflow ready to receive contacts.

On a mission to create safer roads, the leading Together for Safer Roads (TSR) Company uses Active Campaign in combination with Salesforce to track visitor engagement, build personalized email campaigns for events, and filter data sources.


Marketing SaaS Tools Help Marketers Drive Efficiency

At the heart of it, every B2B SaaS marketing tool on the list mentioned above is designed to draw you closer to your customer. The ultimate aim is to deliver the right message across their most preferred communication channels at the right time.

You may not need all the tools, but even SMEs benefit from a range of such tools from the get-go. Start by prioritizing which aspects of your business you wish to automate and invest in relevant tools accordingly. By the time 2024 dawns, these tools should have helped your business grow by leaps and bounds.

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