Email Marketing & Automation

Deliver the right SaaS content to the right person at the right time.

Nurture Leads Into Customers

Constantly engage our audience & stay top of mind.

Get their attention... but don't stop there.

We'll segment your audience(s)and build effective drip campaigns that deliver the most relevant message (by industry, product interest, etc.)

We'll design professional, mobile-friendly emails, and trigger them at the right time.

Watch open and click-thru rates skyrocket as we nurture your leads from awareness, to consideration and into paying customers.

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Mike Hajduk, Callahan Roach

“Bay Leaf’s lead nurturing has increased our efficiency, created more leads, and reduced our overall advertising expenses. I recommend them to anyone wishing to make their business better.”

- Mike Hajduk, CEO of Callahan Roach Business Solutions

Buyer's Journey

Convince. Convert. Repeat.


The buyer is aware that he or she is experiencing a problem. While the buyer is not sure what exactly the problem is, he or she is actively educating themselves on how to better understand the issue and how to solve for it.


After the initial research, the buyer now understands what problem he or she is encountering. In this consideration phase, the buyer is researching solutions and services that will solve for his or her problem.


Now that the buyer has completed all of his or her research to solving the problem, it's now time to make the final purchasing decision.

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