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linkedin sales navigator for marketing

When it comes to B2B SaaS marketing success, having the right tools at your disposal makes all the difference. LinkedIn Sales Navigator for marketing is a unanimous favorite among the expert marketers at Bay Leaf Digital. It’s a powerful platform that amplifies outreach, customer acquisition, and relationship-building. Are you wondering how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find leads? You’ve come to the right place. 


What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator? 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium solution that extends LinkedIn’s capabilities, offering advanced search features, in-depth analytics, and customized algorithms. This specialized tool helps you identify, understand, and engage with the prospects that matter most to your business. Think of it as a LinkedIn experience that’s been optimized for B2B SaaS professionals who require more precision and functionality. 


What Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator Do? 

Casting a wide net is not enough to ensure B2B SaaS success. You’ve got to cast the right net. Shifting your focus from quantity to quality will ensure that you reach the decision-makers who will benefit from your solutions. This is where specialized outreach comes in.

Built for businesses that operate in specialized verticals, Sales Navigator equips you with tools to go beyond traditional marketing funnels and build meaningful, value-driven relationships with prospects. Whether you’re looking to engage C-suite executives, tech directors, or operation managers, LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides features to make your outreach more relevant, personalized, and ultimately, more effective. 

Sales Navigator offers a set of features particularly valuable to B2B marketers, including advanced search filters, InMail capabilities, and smart alerts, all of which have been specifically designed to zero in on your ideal customer profile. Targeted outreach with Sales Navigator becomes an iterative process of fine-tuning: refining your messaging, optimizing engagement tactics, and leveraging real-time analytics to adapt your approach. The result? A shorter SaaS Sales Cycle, higher conversion rates, and deeper customer relationships that fuel long-term success. 


How to Set Up LinkedIn Sales Navigator Account for Success

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator begins with setting up your account in a way that aligns with your specific B2B SaaS objectives. From crafting an engaging profile to taking advantage of built-in features effectively, a well-configured account is your first step toward success.

Profile Essentials

Your LinkedIn Sales Navigator profile should be more than a replication of your LinkedIn profile. Be sure to leverage the ‘Summary’ section to articulate your unique value proposition and key solutions clearly. It’s your elevator pitch—make it count.

Feature Overview

  • Lead Builder: One of the standout features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Lead Builder allows you to create and save advanced people and company searches. Make full use of Boolean (AND, OR, NOT, etc.) logic to refine your search parameters.
  • Tagging: This feature helps you organize your leads and accounts into categories. You can create custom tags based on industry, priority, or engagement level, which aids in segmenting your outreach.
  • Account Pages: A dedicated page for each company you’re targeting provides a snapshot of key information, such as recent activity and connections within that company. Use this data to personalize your outreach further.


Subscription Tiers

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers different subscription levels—Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus. Choose the tier that best fits your needs. Each comes with its own set of features and limitations, so assess your budget and goals carefully before making a selection.

Notification Settings

Timely engagement is crucial in B2B SaaS social media marketing. Customize your notification settings to receive real-time alerts for key account activity or lead engagement. This ensures you can act quickly when prospects show interest or when there’s a notable change within target accounts.


How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Find Leads 

The term “needle in a haystack” often comes to mind when searching for ideal customers. When you know how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for marketing and its advanced search capabilities, that haystack becomes a lot more manageable and finding that needle becomes easier. Here’s how: 

Boolean Searches 

Boolean search allows you to combine keywords with operators like AND, OR, and NOT, to produce more relevant results. For instance, if you’re targeting companies that use cloud computing but are not interested in startups, your Boolean search could look something like “Cloud Computing AND NOT Startup.” 

Custom Filters 

Sales Navigator offers many custom filters that go far beyond the standard LinkedIn functionalities. These filters include company size, geography, industry verticals, and even functions within a company. Custom filters are indispensable for slicing through the data clutter and pinpointing the profiles that are genuinely pertinent to your B2B SaaS offerings. 

Saved Searches and Alerts 

Once you’ve fine-tuned your search, save it for future use. This way you won’t have to enter the same parameters repeatedly. Even better, you can set alerts to notify you when new profiles match your saved search criteria, ensuring that you’re always ahead of the curve in identifying new opportunities. 


The Spotlights feature identifies subsets of your search results that are more likely to engage with you. For example, it can show you profiles that are already in your network or those who have engaged with your content. Spotlight categories act as a quick filter to identify high-engagement prospects, making your outreach timelier and more relevant. 


How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator Effectively for Relationship Building and Nurturing

With its notoriously long sales cycle and multiple stakeholders, B2B SaaS sales depend heavily on successfully nurturing customer relationships. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a potent tool for achieving this objective. Begin with these best practices:

  • Prioritize Consistency: To keep your brand top-of-mind, maintain regular touchpoints without being intrusive.
  • Provide Value: Whether it’s sharing insightful articles and other great B2B lead magnets or offering a solution to a prospect’s problem, value-added interactions fortify the relationship.
  • Record and Revise: Sales Navigator allows you to take notes and set reminders for each lead. Use this feature to jot down key takeaways from conversations and continuously refine your approach.


How Many Messages Can You Send on LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

InMail is one of the standout features in Sales Navigator. There is no limit to the number of messages you can send, but limit to no more than a few per day to avoid spamming. Unlike regular LinkedIn messages, InMail allows you to bypass the need for a connection and directly engage your targeted prospects. However, the power of InMail isn’t merely in its reach; it’s in its effectiveness when tailored correctly. Craft personalized, value-centric messages that address the pain points or needs of the prospect, and you’ll likely see higher response rates.

Smart Alerts: The Pulse of Engagement

Sales Navigator offers real-time alerts that help you track any noteworthy actions taken by your prospects—such as job changes, mentions in the news, or company updates. These insights enable timely and relevant follow-ups, providing you with a natural segue to re-engage or continue the conversation.

Social Selling Index (SSI)

LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index is a valuable metric that gauges your effectiveness in establishing a professional brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights, and building relationships. A high SSI score correlates with strong sales performance, serving as both a benchmark and a guide for areas of improvement.


Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator For Marketing Work? 

Understanding the return on your LinkedIn Sales Navigator for marketing investment is crucial for data-driven decision making that will lead to sustained growth and strategy optimization. Are your InMails receiving low response rates? It might be time to refine your messaging. Are you seeing high engagement but low conversion? Perhaps a review of your targeting criteria is in order. Fortunately, the platform comes with an array of analytics tools designed to offer actionable insights. Leverage these analytics to adapt and refine your Sales Navigator strategy. 

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 

Start by identifying the right KPIs. Metrics like InMail response rates, engagement levels with your shared content, and the number of new connections established are vital indicators of your campaign’s efficacy. 

Sales Navigator Dashboard 

The analytics dashboard in Sales Navigator offers a comprehensive view of your performance. It tracks everything from social selling metrics to how your team members are utilizing the tool. This centralized hub allows you to pinpoint what’s working and what needs re-calibration. 

Usage Reporting 

Usage reports offer a detailed breakdown of individual and team activities. These reports can reveal important behaviors like how often your team engages with leads, the frequency of InMail sent, and other crucial engagement metrics. The objective is to ensure your team is not just active but effectively utilizing Sales Navigator to its fullest potential. 

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Conversion Tracking 

By integrating LinkedIn Sales Navigator with your CRM, you can track conversions directly attributed to your Sales Navigator efforts. This way, you can quantifiably assess the impact of Sales Navigator on your sales funnel. 


Unlock the Full Potential of LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

Understanding how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for marketing empowers you to engage meaningfully, nurture lasting relationships, and make data-backed decisions. However, the platform’s capabilities are maximized when steered with expert knowledge. Therefore, if you want to harness the full suite of opportunities that LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers, consider further reading or even an online class.  

Of course, you can always partner with SaaS marketing agency pros who know it inside and out, like the experienced team at Bay Leaf Digital. Ready to take your LinkedIn Sales Navigator strategy to the next level? Contact us today 

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