The Best B2B Lead Magnets to Implement for Success

best b2b lead magnets

You want to create the best b2b lead magnets to get a consistent influx of qualified leads that’ll end up turning into paying customers. You also want to show them you’re a subject matter expert and build trust. Ultimately, you’re trying to build a content engine for your business that attracts and aligns with the right kind of prospects.

You’re not alone. Generating traffic and leads is the biggest challenge marketers face in 2024. Privacy regulations, customers’ mistrust in data collection, and the lack of data sharing across teams are making lead generation harder than ever. Complicating efforts are the many types of B2B lead magnets to choose from.

Generating the leads you need doesn’t need to be complicated, though. There are three types of the best B2B lead magnets that are effective, time-tested, and work for every business, in every B2B vertical — that’s what we’ll explore here.

Let’s jump right into it.


 1. Comprehensive Guides & eBooks

From a customer perspective, guides and eBooks are popular because they can be read anywhere, anytime and readers feel like they’re getting something truly valuable. From a business perspective, they’re a great way to show off your expertise while subtly educating customers on your product and its benefits. It’s not that hard to create an eBook. You likely already have a few blog posts covering related topics that you can mash together and package into an eBook.

Why would readers find my eBook valuable if it’s just a rewrite of content they have free access to?

By packaging that content together, organizing it better, and making it downloadable you’ll save readers the time and hassle of searching for all that info in separate blog posts. You’ll make their lives easier — that’s valuable.

B2B eBook & Guide Example

An example of a great B2B eBook comes from IRS Solutions, a full-service tax resolution platform for tax professionals. This eBook was created by Bay Leaf Digital’s team. Besides being packed with value, of course it mentions IRS Solution’s software and how it can help tax pros start or grow their business. But it doesn’t just make claims; it backs them with actual figures (e.g., “You’ll be able to charge up to 20% more for your tax preparation services when you include audit protection.” — Now that’s a real incentive to purchase their software!). Bay Leaf Digital ran a PPC campaign for five weeks to promote this lead magnet and generated 56 leads in a cost-effective way.


woman reviewing the best b2b lead magnets


2. Case Studies

A case study is an in-depth analysis of a real-world problem and its solution(s). In the B2B sphere, case studies are used to show how your product or service helped past customers solve a problem. Your offering is always at the center of the case study. This type is one if the best b2b lead magnets that positions you as a credible and trustworthy partner who can truly help your customers — that’s one of the reasons they’re so effective and growing in popularity.

B2B Case Study Example

GrowSurf is a referral program software solution that automates low-cost customer acquisition for tech companies in the B2C, fintech, and SaaS spaces. They have an extensive library of case studies detailing how their past customers drove growth and generated outstanding returns by using GrowSurf for customer acquisition. Besides getting prospects’ emails, names, company names, and company types, GrowSurf gets another competitive advantage from their library of case studies: they know exactly what each prospect is interested in, based on which case study they download.


webinar on the best b2b lead magnets


3. Webinars & Video Content

A webinar is a live online event hosted for a group of people — it can be a presentation, workshop, lecture, or product launch announcement, for example. To create an engaging webinar, make sure you have a powerful and interesting script full of insider tips and insights that leaves attendees feeling like they gained something from it. Besides allowing you to collect leads and create a lasting impression, webinars are a great way to generate buzz around your brand.

Share an invitation on social media and with your current email list to build up anticipation. Encourage those people to share it with their work colleagues as well. Create a 10 to 45-minute presentation, mini-course, or workshop to offer your visitors in exchange for their email addresses. You can even record your live webinar and share it as a video resource later.

B2B Webinar Example

Semrush, one of the most popular SEO tools out there, used to host live site audit webinars. To attend, people had to type in their emails and website URL in the opt-in form. Then, they’d randomly select a website to audit. Attendees would get excited about the possibility of getting a professional website audit for free and the Semrush team got to show their product in action to thousands of people.


So, Which of The Best B2B Lead Magnets Will You Create?

Aligning your buyer persona, content, and lead magnet is crucial to building a content engine that passively attracts leads and turns them into prospects. It’s easier said than done, though. Defining your buyer persona, creating content that attracts your ideal customer, and coming up with the perfect lead magnet take a lot of time and effort. Choosing one of these three tried-and-tested best B2B lead magnets will increase your chances of success.

If you’re short on time or still unsure about which one to choose, hire an experienced SaaS marketing agency like Bay Leaf Digital to help you.

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