Our team will develop the right strategy to help you reach your targets.

Hit Your Targets Using a SaaS Marketing Strategy That Works

Getting results from your SaaS campaigns doesn’t just happen by chance. Get the most out of your marketing budget by using a solid marketing strategy. Our team will develop the right strategy to reach your targets.

What are the Benefits of a SaaS Marketing Strategy?

Better quality leads

Lead generation isn’t simple, and high-quality SaaS lead generation is even more complicated. Improve your lead quality by implementing best practices and ongoing optimization into your SaaS marketing strategy.

Expand your market

Growing B2B SaaS companies is our specialty. We apply proven growth methods that help you expand your market share and boost your sales while keeping acquisition costs in check.

Brand amplification

Get noticed by the right audiences with highly targeted SaaS campaigns. Drive awareness to your brand and differentiate your SaaS in crowded markets to win over prospects.

Our Process

Different marketing strategies fit different companies based on where you are in your SaaS journey.

Bay Leaf Digital will assess these concepts and more in order to determine what aspects of marketing you should prioritize and what the best SaaS marketing strategy is for you.

marketing vs in house graphic
SaaS Product Roadmap

1. Product-Market Fit

Has your product-market fit been established?

2. Brand Awareness

Are your prospects aware of your brand?

3. Identify Target Market

Do you know who you should be targeting?

SaaS Marketing Strategy FAQs

Marketing strategy is the overall approach to achieving goals and the tactics used to meet those targets. Strategies evolve over time so based on the current stage of your SaaS, goals and objectives, and product-market fit, your strategy will be different than that of your competitors just as it will be different than what your strategy will be in a few years.

We aim to complete the onboarding process in approximately 30 days. Our teams dive into the technical and marketing planning to make sure we have everything in place to start. Setting up HubSpot (if applicable), getting landing pages primed for conversion, calls-to-action and blog posts along with analytics integration are key at this stage.  

We spend time doing blog topic research and strategic planning on your content audit and develop an editorial calendar. By the end of this initial phase, our teams will be working closely to take your inbound marketing to the next level.

This will vary depending on the project, and your preference. We have very clear guidelines with our partners around attending scheduled meetings, and providing access to required tools and platforms (e.g. Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, etc.). 

We will be clear about our expectations right from the start. Once we understand the work needed, we will schedule meetings and access to necessary tools and platforms.  

We will also rely on email and/or Slack messaging service to stay in constant communication to help nothing falls through the cracks. The more thorough our communications are, the better our service will be.

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