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Increasing Quality Leads through Organic and PPC Strategies

TEXT2DRIVE | Automotive Communications SaaS

The Company

TEXT2DRIVE is a communications platform designed specifically for auto dealers that helps them close more sales and increase CSI scores across all dealership departments. 

Their texting software provides automated lifecycle messaging at all stages of the customer journey and seamlessly integrates with all major Dealership Management Systems (DMS). 

increasing quality leads for automotive SaaS


TEXT2DRIVE, an innovator in dealership communications, saw many dealers struggling to manage communications with multiple in-house tools that didn’t automate or integrate seamlessly. 


increasing quality leads case study

Coming off of a recent major website update, TEXT2DRIVE looked to Bay Leaf Digital to assist in driving brand awareness, increasing website traffic and increasing quality leads in a cost-effective manner. The PPC costs in the automotive vertical are very high, making the cost of customer acquisition (CAC) unsustainable.

increasing quality leads for communications SaaS

The challenge was to identify a strategy that drove cost-efficient, high-quality leads.

How Bay Leaf Digital Helped

website visitor conversion rates challenges
B2B SaaS marketing

Bay Leaf Digital identified two core digital strategies to promote the visibility of TEXT2DRIVE as a leader in their field as well as drive continuous increasing quality leads:

The first was an organic strategy based on search engine optimization (SEO) and original thought leadership content.

The second was a paid strategy of PPC campaigns (search, display and social) and retargeting.

Before diving into lead generation, Bay Leaf Digital helped TEXT2DRIVE build a strong foundation on their website through search engine optimization, keyword identification, audience building and refreshing gated content to speak to specific personas.

Through an iterative process of testing, optimizing and ongoing analysis, Bay Leaf Digital was able to marry the right channel, the right audience, and the right content offers together to drive quality lead generation.

saas website optimization


As a result of Bay Leaf Digital’s multi-touch strategic marketing plan, TEXT2DRIVE observed improvements in traffic and leads during the second half of 2021. 

Social Strategy

With the launch of thought leadership content combined with a paid social ads strategy, Bay Leaf Digital was able to drive leads at a lower cost than what was found in traditional search and display PPC. 

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

By partnering with Bay Leaf Digital, TEXT2DRIVE saw: 

Marketing Qualified Leads grew 2x above target from Q2 to Q3
0 x
Marketing Engaged Leads (MELs) grew 3x above from Q2 to Q3
0 x
Organic search traffic grew 25% (6 months data vs YOY)
0 %

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