Case Study

8x Increase in Website Visitor Conversion Rates

Red River Paper | Manufacturing Company

The Company

Red River Paper, a leading inkjet paper provider headquarterd in Dallas, Texas, supplies top quality fine art paper to customers all around the world.

With 50+ years’ experience, Red River Paper not only provides more than 30 different inkjet papers but also one-on-one support to help customers find the right paper for their needs.

website visitor conversion rates challenges

The Challenge

Red River Paper found itself with plenty of website traffic but a lower than ideal conversion rate. Leaders at the company had theories on their users’ behavior but no means to prove or test them. Wanting to learn more, Red River Paper looked to Bay Leaf Digital to uncover insights to help improve website visitor conversion rates and convet more visitors into paying (and returning) customers.

The Solution

Knowing that Red River Paper enjoyed very strong loyalty from its customer base, the first step to understanding the data was to separate out non-customers from repeat customers. Bay Leaf Digital accomplished this by implementing non-customer vs customer tracking through Google Tag Manager. When enough data was collected, Bay Leaf Digital dove deep into Red River Paper’s conversion challenge.

With the ability to separate out repeat customers from first time visitors, Bay Leaf Digital noticed that Red River Paper’s non-customer behavior was drastically different. While the overall conversion rate was equal to industry benchmarks, first time visitors were actually converting at 1/4th the rate of repeat customers.

Armed with this knowledge, Bay Leaf Digital looked into ways to drive up website visitor conversion rates.

The Result

After analyzing the Red River Paper site for opportunities to improve conversion, Bay Leaf Digital recommended Red River Paper to show its new site visitors a product guide to help new visitors navigate through Red River Paper’s wide range of fine art products. By showing this guide on the most trafficked organic page – Red River Paper’s home page – Red River Paper was able to improve new customer conversion rates by 13%.

website visitor conversion rates results
website visitor conversion rates case study

Despite seeing early success, Bay Leaf Digital didn’t want to stop there. Knowing conversion could be even higher, Bay Leaf Digital analyzed user behavior after the initial guide launch and adjusted its recommended approach to include a promotion via a sticky footer. The promotion was limited based on specific RFM characteristics of visitors.

With this, Red River Paper was able to further improve conversion to see a 25% increase in new visitor conversion. In addition, the new product guide page became the most valuable page on the site, with non customers who see it converting 7.8x better than non-customers who do not see it.

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