SEO Case Study

100% Increase in Organic Traffic and Increased Conversions

Weiner's Ltd | eCommerce Wholesaler

The Company

Weiner’s Ltd is a supplier of brand name and specialty travel-size products, selling to businesses and non-profits at wholesale prices. They are headquartered in Madison, WI, and their customers range from intimate B&Bs to large five-star hotels, gift shops in hospitals and airports, as well as airlines and charter services, college bookstores, e-commerce, pharmacies, vending, government institutions, charities and event planners. With 25+ years experience and knowledge of industry, Weiner’s pride themselves on providing high quality service and fast order processing for time sensitive deliveries.

The Challenge

Despite having a loyal customer base, Weiner’s found that its new customer acquisition numbers had plateaued. In an effort to increase new customer applications, Weiner’s looked to Bay Leaf Digital to drive relevant traffic to the website and streamline the new customer application process.

The Solution

To help drive traffic to the Weiner’s website, Bay Leaf Digital leveraged search engine optimization strategies on the site by optimizing existing site pages and creating new ones. Within the course of a year, Bay Leaf Digital was able to increase organic traffic to the site by 108%.

Weiner’s now found itself with plenty of website traffic, but a lower than ideal conversion rate for turning site visitors into customers.

The Result

To further understand the data, Bay Leaf Digital implemented analytics updates to separate site visitor traffic from returning customer traffic. Through an analysis of the page visits, Bay Leaf Digital found that visitors were browsing product pages, but not creating accounts necessary to make purchases.

By using session replay tools to view user experience on the site, Bay Leaf Digital found that new visitors were also experiencing confusion about how to make a purchase.  In addition, abandonment of the application form during the account creation process was also discovered to be an issue.

Using these insights, Bay Leaf Digital created clear calls-to-action on both the homepage and product pages, directing new users to create an account to complete a purchase. Additionally, Bay Leaf Digital also optimized the application process by breaking the form across a small number of steps allowing needed information to be submitted quickly.

Within three months of implementing these actions, Weiner’s saw the number of customer applications created increase by 3x, and the conversion rate for applications increased by 2.5x.

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Increase in organic search traffic
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Increase in customer applications
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Improved application conversion rate

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