Case Study

Multi-Touch Marketing Drives Explosive Growth at Canadian SaaS

MeazureUp | Auditing and Operations SaaS

The Company

MeazureUp is a cloud-based operational audit solution that helps stores and district managers improve brand perception, provide consistent customer experiences, and ensure operations and processes are performed on time, every time. Their software provides leaders in the restaurant, grocery, hospitality and gym industries visibility into what is happening across all their stores in real time.

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The Challenge

MeazureUp, an innovator in digital checklists, saw many business owners and district managers struggling to keep on top of routine tasks with outdated paper clipboards and spreadsheets.

Knowing that their digital solution could help but needing a team to create and execute a multichannel multi touch marketing strategy, MeazureUp looked to Bay Leaf Digital to assist in driving awareness and leads as well as educating MeazureUp’s target market on the benefits of going digital for operational checklists and audits.

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The Solution

Bay Leaf Digital identified three core strategies to establish MeazureUp as a leader in their field as well as drive continuous growth of qualified leads.

Before diving into lead generation, Bay Leaf Digital helped MeazureUp build a strong foundation on their website by upgrading featured-focused content to pages highlighting benefits and solutions that address prospects’ current challenges.

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Once MeazureUp’s messaging and positioning was set, only then did Bay Leaf Digital move into developing and optimizing organic and paid strategies, spanning content marketing, PPC campaigns, retargeting initiatives and more.

The Result

As a result of Bay Leaf Digital’s strategic multi touch marketing plan, MeazureUp observed improvements in traffic, leads and revenue during the second half of 2020.

From an SEO lens, MeazureUp’s new thought leadership articles produced a 500% boost in traffic and nearly 40 new relevant keywords ranked in Google. This resulted in a doubling of organic leads every month for fourth continuous months.

Also, with the introduction and routine optimization of a multi-touch paid strategy, MeazureUp doubled their paid leads every month in Q3 2020.

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