Rapid Lead Generation for a Workforce Analytics Company

Sapience Analytics

“Bay Leaf took us from a standing start to a working digital marketing firm in short order. Their skills cover a broad spectrum and they have been a vast improvement over our previous firm. Bay Leaf staff works closely and collaboratively with many areas of our company such as Product Management, Sales reps and management, and our entire executive team.”
- Hugh Dyar, Senior Vice President Marketing



Sapience Analytics, a B2B SaaS company, needed to drive brand awareness and generate leads within a very short timeframe. Through a variety of marketing channels and techniques, Bay Leaf Digital generated 800 leads for Sapience in a matter of weeks. This represented a 560+% increase in leads compared to the previous quarter for the company.


Sapience Analytics, an international leader in enterprise productivity solutions, uses big data and predictive analytics to deliver remarkable visibility into how people work, as well as actionable insights into improving the effort, processes, and technologies that drive enterprises. More than 90 clients in 18 countries use Sapience’s insights to help them be better and more profitable businesses.


In late February 2020, as it became clear that the nature of work was changing forever, Sapience needed to move quickly to pivot its brand messaging to promote its product management solution as the ideal work-from-home productivity solution.


Going from 0 to 100 in less than a week, the team at Bay Leaf Digital ideated on a multi-channel marketing strategy that promoted enabling employees to work from home during the pandemic. By the second week in March 2020, Bay Leaf Digital had deployed 22 lead generating campaigns across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google. The campaigns included an eBook about preparing for work during the pandemic, a video about work from home productivity, and other social content that drove relevant leads to Sapience in a time-sensitive manner. 

Despite a large number of campaigns, Bay Leaf Digital ensured that the message across all platforms was relevant, consistent, and clear about how Sapience Analytics could help enterprises that suddenly found themselves forced to move their entire workforce remotely. 


Because of being ready to act rapidly, Bay Leaf Digital generated more than 800 leads for Sapience during Q1 2020, the majority of which were generated in a 3-week period. Lead generation can be expensive business. However, using their experience in reaching the right audience in a cost-effective manner, Bay Leaf Digital created geographically targeted audiences and optimized ad campaigns to maximize their client’s budgetFinally, to ensure the sales team could follow up quickly on these leads, Bay Leaf Digital set up integration between HubSpot and Salesforce to deliver these leads into the client’s preferred CRM for nurturing 

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