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How One Workforce Analytics SaaS Company Gained Nearly 1,000 Leads in Just a Few Weeks

By producing 22 lead-generating campaigns across 4 platforms, this SaaS saw more than 800 leads generated over the course of 10 weeks.

Learn more about how Bay Leaf Digital increased one workforce analytics company's leads 560% quarter over quarter.

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What Makes Work From Home Successful: A June 2020 Study 

In an effort to document the current status of work from home practices that were brought upon by COVID-19 pandemic, Bay Leaf Digital gathered 800 employees to learn about the challenges of working from home. We will use insights found to help market to your audience.

Get insights on the perceptions of success, productivity, and future of working from home, along with its challenges to achieving and maintaining productivity and how to address those concerns. Learn about the key advantages and surprises of working from home.

Reaching Your Target Audience Every Time

Growing B2B SaaS companies is our specialty and we are passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals.

By combining your target audience's description with our ABM process, we place the right message in front of the right person no matter the channel - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google and more.

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