SaaS Marketing Agency Function: Website Update & Maintenance

When talking to prospects, we are often asked whether the scope of our services includes website updates, landing page updates and more. Here are the main activities that we include, and perhaps don’t talk a whole lot about, as part of our marketing services: 

Website hosting in a highly secure, available, and redundant environment

Website hosting in a highly secure, available, and redundant environment 

As a courtesy, we offer our clients the option to host their websites with us. There are several advantages to allowing us to host your website. First off, the servers always run at a maximum of 20% load, so there is never a question of slow loading sites. Second, we maintain production, staging, and development environments for clients. This allows us to make changes and test them before we push these changes live. As a result, your website’s visitors never have a bad user experience. Third, we maintain 30+ days of backups. Our custom backup and restore process makes it very easy for us to backup, restore and promote sites across the development, staging, and production environments. 

Finally, we do not charge for hosting your website. 


Building new landing pages to support campaigns


Running ad campaigns is an effective way to grab attention of potential customers and promote your brand to your target audience. With creative marketing campaigns, brands can engage with prospects at multiple touchpoints and increase opportunities for conversionBuilding landing pages to support these campaigns is the best way to drive traffic to your website encouraging them to take specific actions. A good landing page provides very specific information to visitors and collects necessary visitor data without intimidating them with lengthy forms. When building a landing page, one should have a clear goal in mind. The purpose of the landing page could vary from having visitors download an eBook, to sign up for your newsletters or purchase a product even. Landing pages should contain a catchy headline, engaging copy, high quality images, a concise form and a single CTA that stands out. But most of all, the landing page must have a compelling offer that helps nurturing these leads in future. 

As your SaaS marketing agency, we wireframe, design, and build landing pages that best fit the need of the marketing campaign or promotion that we will be running. 

Making sure pages are responsive

With smartphones and tablets being able to performs tasks like any desktop, people prefer using mobile devices over a computer.  For any website in 2020, it is necessary to be 100% responsive to accommodate to various devices. When web pages are not optimized for mobile devices, it poses a greater risk at losing website traffic. Responsive pages provide a seamless user experience and ensure scalability. Google loves a responsive website and prefers mobile optimized sites when presenting search results. Responsive pages perform better, help in building site authority and ranking well for SEO. 

As part of the page build, we ensure that the pages we build are responsive and render well for the most commonly used browsers and screen resolutions on your site. 


Creating pages optimized for speed


Page speed plays a critical role in reducing bounce rate on site. Pages that take long to load pose a high risk of losing out on impatient visitors. Well optimized pages are efficient, provide high on-page performance and better user experience overall. It goes without saying that page speed does matter to rank on Google. Pages with high speed will get crawled faster by Google. Using Google Page Insights is the best way to identify issues affecting page speed. Often times than not it is indeed the high-resolution graphics that impact page speed for websites. Compressing images to <100kb is a best practice to be followed when including images on your website be it on a page, landing page or post. With a detailed analysis of the Core Vitals report, it is possible to identify root cause affecting site speed and resolving with Google’s recommended solutions. 

Page speed optimization is part of the SEO services as well as website maintenance tasks that we do for clients.

Optimizing the website and landing pages for conversion rate

Small changes to a page can make the greatest impact when it comes to conversion rate optimization. Improving handful elements on a landing page can help in increasing conversions. CRO is important to any business as it generates smore ales for the same amount of website traffic. We follow these best practices to optimize website pages: 

- Keep important messages above the fold 

- Add a catchy headline and engaging copy 

- Add attention grabbing CTA without being too shouty 

- Make a compelling and clear offer 

- Add contact information in accessible areas like main nav and footer 

- A/B test all changes and enhancements made to identify one that converts better 


Creating and integrating forms into Marketing automation tools

The purpose of every landing page, demo, trial or contact us page is to get your visitors to fill out a form with specific visitor information. Filling out lengthy forms can be a daunting task, so forms need to be concise and only include fields that gain necessary demographic information.  

If you use a marketing automation tool, then you will likely have a lot of forms that are used on the website. In fact, new campaigns often require new forms to easily track contacts collected from these pages. Building these forms and integrating them into the site are core tasks that we, as your SaaS marketing agency, will do. 

Checking that forms are submitting and transmitting information as needed

Before pushing any form live on the website, we make sure to check that the forms are working properly, submissions make their way to your CRM, and the submission action is recorded in your Google Analytics property 


Auditing the site for analytics and other marketing tags firing


As a routine, checking analytics tags and other marketing tags are functioning properly should be a part of monthly technical website audit. Using tag auditing tools will help monitor all tags that are firing properly and also those that are broken. Any broken tags found should be updated immediately.  

This is a very important step in ensuring the integrity of web analytics is maintained when new pages and forms are implemented. This step is included in every website audit, page launch, and campaign launch we undertake. 

Tweaking the WordPress theme

There will be times when your Wordpress theme becomes limiting, and cannot meet certain design requirements. In this case, tweaking the existing theme with custom stylesheets (CSS) will be neededIn other cases, custom PHP and JavaScript code could also be required. We have these skills available in-house to help you achieve your website’s goals. 


Maintaining the site


Updating wordpress themes and plugins ensures proper functioning of the site. Update plugins regularly to: 

- Gain newest plugin features 

Increased security & bug fixes 

- Increased website performance and website speed 

When updating any theme or plugin, sometimes an update can break existing experience on the website. It is important to keep regular wordpress backups. WP files, themes, plugins need to be maintained to protect your website from vulnerabilities.  

Scanning your website is important to protect it from bugs, malicious attacksphishing attacks, malware, vulnerability exploits, security breach, infected files and other suspicious activities. In order to protect the site, running regular security scans with malware scanners is mandatory. Scanning a website provides increased security, data safety and vigilance.  

Whether you choose to host the site with us or elsewhere, we will take over the responsibility of maintaining the technical integrity of your website.