Setting Up Google Tag Manager

New to Google Tag Manager and unsure of where to begin? Well, you’ve come to the right tutorial! In no time, you’ll have your Google Tag Manager account set up and ready to use. But before you can use Google Tag Manager, make sure you’ve created a Google Analytics account for your business and have a functioning website for your business. We’ll need some information about your Google Analytics account to complete the Google Tag Manager setup.

If your Google Analytics account and website is ready, let’s get into setting up your Google Tag Manager account!


First, go to and click “Sign In.” A dropdown will appear with four options. Choose the third option – Google Tag Manager.

Google Tag Manager setup step 1

If you’re already signed into your Google account that you use for Google Analytics, you’ll see the screen below. All you need to do is enter your company’s name, website address, and if you’re using Tag Manager for the desktop or mobile version of your site.

Google Tag Manager setup step 2

Google Tag Manager setup step 3

After you fill out that information, you’ll see a popup appear with Google Tag Manager code.

Google Tag Manager setup step 4

If you happen to have a WordPress site, you’ll copy/paste the above code into header.php right after the opening body tag.

Google Tag Manager setup step 5

Congratulations! Your Google Tag Manager setup is now complete! If you’re ready to continue using Tag Manager for other tasks such as click tracking and form capture, check out our other Google Tag Manager guides.