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Web analytics veterans for hire

– How can I improve marketing channels conversion?

– Are we driving qualified visitors to the site?

– What is our marketing ROI, CPL, and LTV?

Our Google Analytics certified analysts can help you answer all of the above, and additional insight that will reveal opportunities you didn’t know existed.

Rather than hire a full time web analyst, rely on Bay Leaf Digital, a proven marketing analytics agency that provides you  reliable, U.S.-based data analysts who will help you understand where to optimize your marketing spend, generating more qualified leads.

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“Bay Leaf Digital has enabled us to look at our site's performance through a highly analytical lens. Consequently, we were able to leverage advanced concepts such as LTV and RFM to improve marketing performance. We recommend and appreciate their partnership!”

- Drew Hendrix, President
Red River Paper

Identify More SaaS Growth Opportunities

We find gold in your data and explain how to take action to improve traffic & conversion.

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Anyone can simply run a report. But not all reports result in actions that lead to improvements.

We will help you find those valuable insights (and reveal them in plain English).


Smarter marketing efforts that lead to well-oiled marketing campaigns, resulting in stronger traffic, more qualified leads, and improved conversion rates.

Contact us today to learn how we can boost your B2B marketing efforts with more data intelligence.

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