Logistics Marketing

Logistics Marketing

Whether you are a transportation, warehousing, distribution, or freight service provider, the truth is the same – there are hundreds of third party logistics options for your customers’ to choose from, and it is difficult to get their attention. So how does one get the attention of logistics executives? And do so in a cost efficient manner? That’s where we come in.

There are really two key ways to get attention. Either wait for potential clients to realize the need and then compete for their attention, or be top of mind by providing the same potential clients with information beforehand. These two approaches, outbound and inbound marketing, can both be effective if executed correctly. The secret to successful logistics marketing success lies in the ability to use the right mix of messaging, information, and channels to target potential clients in various stages of their decision making cycle.

Why Bay Leaf Digital?

We provide a unique proposition to our logistics customers. We have in-house knowledge of the logistics industry and experience in all things digital. So we are able to effectively and efficiently create interesting content to drive attention to our customers’ websites.
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Need results right away?

Marketers will often tell you that you should ‘earn’ traffic by creating great content on your site and attracting your audience. We look at the problem differently. What sort of traffic makes sense for you depends on your budget and your need. If you need leads right away, then content marketing isn’t the answer. There are other ways to generate immediate leads to meet goals. There isn’t a one size fits all solution here. Each solution we provide is customized to meet your needs.

Do you know what's working?

Are you spending marketing budget efficiently? Are you driving leads back to your sales team at the levels you need to? If not, give us a call. We can help with your logistics marketing strategy:

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