Shari Augustine

Marketing Account Manager

“'Normal to the spider is chaos to the fly'. As a marketing creative with almost 20 years of marketing experience in traditional and digital marketing components, I take an untethered approach to creating successful marketing strategies. ”

Explain like I'm five... what do you do?

"I create ways to make people want to do or buy things that a business wants them to."​

What's your favorite part about working at Bay Leaf Digital?

"The collaborative spirit among the team fosters growth and development of my skills. "



0 %
Attendance rate and 337 registrants to a webinar
Downloads for an eBook campaign

Developed brand awareness strategy using publications, which has been used to promote 2 webinars and gleaned a total of 337 registrants with the top performer having a 45% attendance rate for a risk management client.

Worked with a comments analysis startup and created brand guidelines, coordinated efforts for a complete website build; set up social media channels, and created static and video branded content for internal and external use

Created promotional and educational video content for incorporation into 4 clients' content plan

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