Sandy Smith

Marketing Strategist | HubSpot Expert

"I like picking up new skills and learning how to navigate the latest toolsets in the ever-changing world of digital marketing, and applying those learnings to help our clients grow. I’m also a family man who enjoys Mexican food, going out on the weekends, and singing in an 80s band."​

Explain like I'm five... what do you do?

"I help companies get people to visit their website and get more customers."​​

What's your favorite part about working at Bay Leaf Digital?

"My coworkers are easy to get along with, and dependable."​


0 %
Increase in Organic Traffic
0 x
Increase in Customer Applications
0 %
Increase in Website Traffic YoY

Increased conversion rate for customer applications by 2.5x

Increased leads for sales compensation software client by leveraging LinkedIn lead generation campaigns

Built a contemporary redesigned website for client

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