Our Team

We started Bay Leaf Digital in 2013 with the goal of taking what we learned in big business and applying those learnings to help grow medium-sized ($5-$100 million) B2B companies.

After working in digital marketing at major brands such as Travelocity and Citigroup, we developed a passion for outsmarting others in how we market services.

Soon we learned a lot of so-called “marketing agencies” start believing their own hype and simply fall short at delivering on their promises. We tackle those concerns head on by over-communicating what’s in work, what’s delivered, what fell short, and what’s improved.

We take time to quantify our results, so you can see what needs turned down, and what needs to be cranked up, enabling you to clearly see ROI on your marketing spend.

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Abhi Jadhav Managing Partner

Tory Smith VP

Ashley Monismith Account Manager

Pranali Pawar Marketing Analyst

Sandy Smith Business Analyst