About Us

We started Bay Leaf Digital in 2013 with the goal of taking what we learned in big business and applying those learnings to help grow B2B SaaS companies ($0 - $200 million+ ARR) across the following stages of growth:


We Grow Pre-Product Market Fit SaaS Companies (Pre-PMF)

For startup SaaS companies that have identified a need in the market but the solution has not been proven to the masses, we help tell your story, create brand awareness that leads to serious, qualified leads.

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We Grow Emerging SaaS Companies

For SaaS companies that have proven to be a Product Market Fit but the brand is not yet widely known and there's room for improvement at acquiring new customers, we apply proven growth methods that help you penetrate market share so you can boost your sales pipeline and close more deals faster.

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We Grow Companies Transitioning from On-Premise to SaaS

For software companies that have an established brand of a desktop and/or on-premise solution we help you market from the traditional software company to an innovated subscription based model, while growing your current customer base.

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Growing B2B SaaS companies is our specialty and we are passionate about helping our clients achieve their MRR and ARR goals.

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Abhi Jadhav

Co-Founder & CEO

Tory Smith

Co-Founder & VP

Ashley Monismith

Client Strategist

meghann hawes

Meghann Hawes

Client Strategist 

mike mardis

Mike Mardis

Client Strategist 

Pranali Pawar

Pranali Pawar

Manager - India Operations

laura cole

Laura Cole

Account Manager 

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Eshan Desai

Business Analyst

Sandy Smith

Account Manager

mounika jatti

Mounika Jatti

Business Analyst 

kelly coggins

Kelly Coggins

Digital Marketing Manager 

Jeevan Gupta

Jeevan Gupta

Senior Developer