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  1. Users can use this simple and easily accessible application to speak with each other. Each person that uses ShoutBox will see a number on his/her screen saying how many people are in the on-going conversation. If they want to respond to a communication then they just press their number. Upon pressing their number, they will be connected to the program and their voice is being broadcast to all others on-the-go. No matter where you are at, ShoutBox provides a quick,

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  3. Uninstallation: No issue whatsoever
    Unless you export the files or the folder you used to install the utility, you do not need to worry about an uninstallation as the app is completely self-sufficient and does not require any manual steps after the installation.
    Other than its intuitive and neat design, the only downside EaseUS Key Finder has is that it does not offer a multilingual version. This means that you have to use the app’s only English-optimized interface in order

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  5. Tune-Up your keyboard’s lay-out
    A pleasent way to use large devices in places where you need a large keyboard but space is limited is to lay it in a TV prop.
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  7. MBR Magic is a light-weight application that helps you find, recover, and repair corrupted Master Boot Record. It will fix many system problems that might occure after format reinstallation, auto repair, or system reinstallation.
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  8. MBR Magic is a light-weight application that helps you find, recover, and repair corrupted Master Boot Record. It will fix many system problems that might occure after format reinstallation, auto repair, or system reinstallation.
    The Master Boot Record (MBR) is divided into two types of sectors: primary boot sector and normal data sector. Boot sector is a first sector found when harddisk starts to spin. This sector contains crucial information about the harddisk where your

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  9. Anonymous



    January 15, 2018

    The program has a simple interface and works well, though.




    December 8, 2017

    Works as expected with Windows 10.




    October 26, 2017

    The only main problem of the program is that you need to install it into every computer that you want

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  10. In contrast to some other noise reduction programs, Noise Shampoo cleans the noise, so that it reveals the highlights in the picture. The Luminosity Slider functions best on images with a strongly varying luminosity, like landscapes. If you shoot a night scene the shadow area will not get stronger because the camera blacks out the shot. The luminosity can also be turned off to intensify the Contrast Effects. The contrast effects can be increased to enlarge all the details in the picture. In comparison

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  11. Apart from the features mentioned above, Protectorion ToGo also supports multiple file formats and the possibility of exporting individual files with a list of the password details associated with them.
    Windows Requirements Protectorion ToGo is a Windows desktop application so it should be installed on your desktop. When the installation finishes, open the folder named Protectorion ToGo and run the startup.exe file.
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  12. Sign up on the Internet, feel free to leave feedback, etc.

    I’ve been wanting a way to stream Television and audio to a Media Center extender for a while now… If there is any way possible to do this easily. Right now I have a MSi 107 hooked up to my Tivo boxes in my living room.

    I’ve been wanting a way to stream Television and audio to a Media Center extender for a while now… If there is any way possible to

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  13. Q:

    How to properly use register_option in wp_options table with only few options

    I’ve come across a weird problem where, for some unexplainable reason, wp_options table gets filled with random values of adjacent wordpress options. Staying on the assumption that its a bug, I’m not a js/php pro and need to know how to specify_options array so that only affected fields get updated.
    I’ll elaborate more. I

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  14. Short description

    If you like playing with the multimedia elements that surround your computer’s screen, then get Screen Mate Builder! Automatically generate screenmates from more than 60 sample photos and add personalized music! Make a variety of screenmates. This startup deals with converting photos to a format compatible with Screen Mate Builder. Screen Mate Builder is perfect for developing animated screensavers, screensavers, wallpapers and mod…

    #4 of “10 Apps To Make You Wish Your Home Was Haunted

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    Provides all the features you’d expect from a professional solution
    Nevertheless, DWG to PDF Converter MX does not contain some features that a professional tool would offer (e.g., applying clip zones, interactive clipping regions, zooming with automatic scaling and changing the scaling factor with a mouse drag). However, these features can be added via external programs.

    Similar programs to DWG to PDF Converter MX

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  16. For ease of use and because of ClaroCapture’s affordability, it is clearly one of the best slide capture tools.

    Canceling tasks leaves you with a mess to clean up

    November 14, 2019



    Use task management apps

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  20. You can download Imogen for free from GitHub.

    HTML5, the latest version of hypertext markup language (HTML), is a set of tags that defines the functionality of your web pages in a consistent, cross-browser manner. This tutorial provides a quick overview of HTML5, the six most important elements of an HTML5 web page, the document object model (DOM), and Core JavaScript libraries in which you may embed WebGL.
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  21. · A broadband modem.
    · An installed web browser.
    · Additional disk space of at least 128 MB.
    The child programs Mozzle Web Site Browser, Quick Info and Mozzle Minesweeper require the following systems:
    · Mac OS 8.6 or better.
    · Pentium III 1000 (or better).
    · 128 MB RAM.
    · A fast connection to the Internet (56Kbps or higher – DSL or Cable preferred).
    · An installed
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  22. Temperature calculator has a nice and modern design that makes it incredibly user friendly and easy to use.
    Important links
    Version History
    How to use the Temperature Calculator


    You should be able to get a Windows build where the user can choose which units they want to use here


    I’ve been enjoying using one for the last couple months. It’s great when you’re mixing a batch
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  23. The gadget

    First, you will need to create a new template for your blog. For this, open the template, if it’s not already open, and go to **Design**. Then, click on **Create New** and create a new directory. Next, drag all the files from the earlier file onto the new directory. You can finally see a new gadget folder with the following subfolders:
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  24. The images are downloaded daily from the web.Animals Park is a beautiful outdoor video wallpaper that features two dancing penguins, three butterflies, a puppy, and a baby lamb. This free screensaver is downloaded daily from the web.World’s largest amphibian rescue on World Wide Web

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  27. CMenu is a lightweight Windows software solution designed to integrate some new options in the Windows Context Menu and thus let you perform certain actions a bit faster.
    It’s almost impossible to get lost in the main interface, and that’s only possible thanks to a clean and very simple layout that makes everything very simple even for the very beginners.
    In fact, the limited number of features also contributed to the overall simplicity of the app, as the available options are all grouped in the main window, with no other settings to play with.
    The application can thus help you add new items in the Windows Context Menu,
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    You can also choose to have the report being printed or placed in an HTML file.
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    Don’t stress if you are not familiar with
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    Notepad++ is a free source code editor that you can use on Windows. Because it is
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    “Lamentations 4:19 Tarshish” and ”
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  32. Most people would ask what would “vimrc” be, and then go read through all of the options. Since I am on Cygwin, I had to find a way to contribute to the list of options by logging them into a file. This utility was born and many more can be added.

    I know I am being picky with these names, but here is what I’ve done so far. I will make updates as I find them. The
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  33. Tiny Businesses
    If you are running a small or home-based business from your PC, McAfee Endpoint Security makes sure the risk of a hacker break-in does not set in. It provides you with a security shield that is tuned to the needs of small business. The email quarantine area is reduced to exempt you from monitoring emails. Malicious files are quarantined in a different folder by name, so you don’t need to remember what URLs may lead to dangerous results.
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  34. Versions
    Currently running and maintained versions are:
    (Version 1.0).

    Each program is called a “game”, and each game is a Sliding Window Protocol program.
    The Sliding Window Protocol consists of the following components:
    The two parts are the source and  destination. Source component (client) sends data, which is delivered to destination component (server) only when there is something to send and destination component has enough space to hold the
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    What’s not included?
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    How to convert Flash (.swf) to iPhone (mp4)?
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    Simple to pick up and use.

    Pictures can be imported easily and freely into the application.

    May prove suitable for creating mission or group plans.

    Collects all required input steps into one

    Easy enough to find with the interface focused in the background.

    Not many editing features; yet it won’t cause much trouble overall.


    Only text notes can be made as the only customization option.

    No option
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  37. It’s hard to get developers to understand how much of the process in developing a big-budget game is really beyond their control. The odd and sometimes difficult angles that game companies need to look at the user interface from limits their ability to master the technology. In most instances, UI design is done in stages. It’s in the early stages that many problems happen. Sometimes it’s too late to fix them, and ultimately graphics and programming become the bottleneck to a successful game.

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  39. Display Process and Application Information in the Titlebar

    Catherine Diaz

    10 August 2015

    It is hugely useful to have all your windows in one place and on top. It also displays a little window at the top of every window so you can see what process is consuming the most ram. When it’s running, it remembers the last position you were in so you can always find your place. Windows show up really slowly making it hard to quickly go back to see what you
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  40. Pros

    Easy and quick to install and use

    Simple user interface and easy wizard to navigate

    Well organized and easy to access features


    Low-performing interface and its basic features need improvement

    Easy to crash and glitch when saving

    Very basic for most intermediate screen-savers

    Best Applications

    Brightmock Uninstaller PRO Review

    Brightmock Uninstaller PRO offers users one of the most comprehensive and efficient software solutions available
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    The URETURList Wiki is an online documentation about this software.

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    FeedWick is a Facebook Wall Reader. You can read the private wall messages without having to be friends with a user. You can also search conversations for specific words. We also add a “Rate this Wall”:
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