How a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy Helped One Telecom Company Increase Traffic and Quality Leads


"Bay Leaf has been a wonderful extension to our team. In addition to learning our industry and delivering vertical-specific content, they’ve helped us overcome numerous marketing challenges, from increasing organic traffic to strengthening website conversion and making our site secure."
- Jaime Bailey, VP of Marketing at VHT

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VHT is a leading provider of technologies that improve customer experience at the contact center touchpoint. It has customers in several verticals including cable, healthcare, banking and more. Its callback products, VHT Callback and VHT Conversation Bridge, enable companies to offer their customers the ability to schedule and receive calls through traditional as well as digital channels.


As with most enterprise business software, VHT has a relatively long sales cycle. So every marketing qualified lead VHT gets needs to be nurtured and guided through the buyer's journey of awareness, consideration, and decision making. VHT had a stable source of traffic in organic search and was getting a significant number leads from it. However, the growth of organic traffic had flattened, and it was relying on display ad traffic to drive more awareness. Leads acquired through paid channels were of lower quality than those acquired through organic and direct channels. As a result, the sales team had to work harder to filter out the lower quality leads. VHT knew that to grow relevant marketing leads it needed to reduce its reliance on lower quality paid channels and seek higher quality of traffic elsewhere.



In order to push past its plateauing organic traffic, VHT looked to Bay Leaf Digital to implement a strong SEO strategy. Bay Leaf Digital identified four key areas where VHT could not only receive quick SEO improvements but also build the foundation for a long-term SEO plan. VHT observed a 66 percent increase in organic traffic and two times the number of search terms in the top three results over the course of six months after implementing the following tactics:

  1. Created and published content regularly on the VHT site
  2. Optimized and interlinked existing site content
  3. Secured high-quality external backlinks
  4. Implemented technical SEO strategies



In addition to wanting a stronger SEO strategy, VHT also looked to Bay Leaf Digital to improve the quality of leads for the sales team to follow up on. Bay Leaf Digital recognized three opportunities to improve the quality of leads. The first observation was how VHT's organic search lead quality was far superior than that of paid channels. So having a baseline to compare to, Bay Leaf Digital used advanced analytics and session replay tools to identify and block paid channel traffic engaged in click fraud.

After identifying the poor sources of traffic, the second effort was to remove all low performing campaigns. Finally, Bay Leaf Digital experimented with a variety of audience profiles before finding the right fit in keyword based search audiences to maximize the quality of leads while maintaining the same marketing spend. With all these actions, Bay Leaf Digital was able to improve corporate leads by 54 percent.



Much of VHT's marketing approach was siloed. As a result, only one in four conversions were a result of cross-channel visits. VHT expressed a desire to become more efficient in its marketing efforts. Bay Leaf Digital implemented a new approach to paid search and display ads that better reflected the stages of the buyer’s journey. VHT and Bay Leaf Digital partnered in ideating and creating content that could be utilized across multiple channels. At the end of the initiative, every 2nd conversion was the result of cross-channel visits.

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