Bay Leaf Digital Webinar Takes On the WFH Economy

Out of necessity, 2020 has seen what has been called the biggest experiment in remote working ever in the history of business. So what are the results of that experiment? 

We asked, and almost 800 employees in more than 30 disciplines responded from across North AmericaThrough the month of May, our online survey collected information and comments on perceptions of the success and productivity of working from home, challenges faced, benefits experienced, time spent, and expectations of future improvement. 

We learned that employees and employers alike have a desire to continue working from home post-COVID-19. In fact, more than 60% want to work from home three or more days a week. However, employers will have to acknowledge and work to address several significant challenges in order to ensure the long-term success of any remote workforce. 

We recently published the full survey results and are now looking forward to diving deeper into not only the results, but also into the perceptions and challenges still to be faced in our newly evolving work-from-home economy. Save your seat now to join us at 2 p.m. CST on Wednesday, July 1, for “Marketing Your Technology Solution in the New Work-From-Home Economy.” 

Specifically, this webinar is designed to inform solutions providers during this unprecedented time and to help you drive more awareness of WFH challenges, including:  

  • Minimizing the difficulty in communicating and collaborating  
  • Mitigating potential burnout due to longer work days  
  • Measuring employee and company success 

The insights offered will help you tailor your message to attract decisionmakers and to become a WFH thought leader who inspires the conversation with your prospects as they evaluate their distributed teams, address obstacles to employee productivity, and develop plans for a successful flexible workforce in the long term. 


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ashley monismith
Ashley Monismith
Ashley Monismith is a client strategist at Bay Leaf Digital, where she helps SaaS companies achieve and surpass their lead generation and brand awareness goals. In her free time, you can find Ashley hiking on nearby trails with her dog and working on various sustainability projects within her community.
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