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SaaS is becoming more and more competitive every day.

To compete, you must rely on a strong content strategy and a blend of channels from paid search to search engine optimization (SEO), B2B social and email nurturing.

Our certified marketing experts will help you find the "sweet spot" to land more customers and grab market share from your competitors.

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SaaS Growth Agency Services

For All Your B2B Digital Marketing Needs


SaaS Content Strategy

A strong SaaS Content Strategy is a powerful tool to build brand awareness and attract new customers. As a SaaS Content Marketing Agency, Bay Leaf Digital can help you cut through the noise and reach your target audience.


B2B SaaS Analytics

SaaS Marketing Analytics are essential to optimize your lead generation efforts while maintaining your marketing budget. Our B2B SaaS Analytics service is focused on uncovering data trends that reveal opportunities for growth.


SaaS PPC & Retargeting

Whether you’re focused strictly on SaaS lead generation or simply building brand awareness and targeting prospects at all levels of the funnel, pay-per-click (PPC) is an effective form of SaaS advertising to get in front of your audience quickly.


SaaS SEO Strategy

A solid SEO strategy is a major aspect of marketing for SaaS companies. SEO may seem daunting in the short term, but if you stick with a growth-focused strategy then you’ll reap the benefits in the long term.


SaaS Marketing Automation

SaaS marketing automation and SaaS lead nurturing allow us to identify and track what stage your prospects are in so we can qualify and market to them effectively. Maximize your SaaS ROI through strategic automation.


SaaS Social Media Marketing

Social Media Strategy for SaaS is a critical part of your SaaS Marketing Strategy that often gets ignored. Stay ahead of the  competition by working with a B2B Web Marketing Agency to develop your SaaS Social Media Strategy.


SaaS Marketing Strategy

Getting results from your SaaS campaigns doesn’t just happen by chance. Get the most out of your marketing budget by using a solid marketing strategy. Our team will develop the right strategy to reach your targets.


SaaS HubSpot Management

As a certified SaaS HubSpot partner, we'll maximize your HubSpot investment from setup and integration to driving more qualified leads with account based marketing and proven inbound SaaS marketing strategies.

You'll be in good company.


"Our guys used to be able to juggle 25-35 active opportunities each in a month. After Bay Leaf helped us roll out marketing automation tied to a CRM, we can now keep up with 40-60 a month. This has allowed us to close more deals in the same amount of time."

- Dakota May, Sales Manager 
Acctivate Inventory Software

Featured Case Study

When the pandemic hit in Feb 2020, this workforce analytics company turned to us to help drive awareness about its product. The result? A 564% increase in leads for our client! Learn how we did it.

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Why Bay Leaf Digital?

SaaS-focused. Results-driven.

We are an experienced SaaS marketing agency with a combined experience of more than 30 years working with large brands like Travelocity, Angie's List, and & Citigroup.

We believe there is gold in your SaaS analytics data. Our analysts geek out on finding insights that will help you grow your monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

Our expertise spans web analytics, SEO, PPC/Display, and content marketing that delivers results (and often costs less than a single full-time resource).